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A good omen — sprinkle sugar, sweetie your life

In ancient times, when sugar was rare, people believed in a sign — sprinkling sugar spells a happy life and, above all, good luck in romantic relationships. Today, few people remember this superstition, unlike salt scattered on Friday.

According to signs, if you accidentally sprinkle sugar, then good changes will come to life. First of all, it is possible to change the situation on the love front. If you already have your partner, then your relationship will develop rapidly, the marriage will be happy, successful, and the children — beautiful, smart and obedient.

Also likely to end any quarrels and scandals. It is possible that the husband will call you again on a date. If sugar crumbled in an unmarried girl, it means that very soon she will meet the prince on a white horse, whom she has been waiting for all her life. It is he who will become her husband. And if it is too early for you to go under the crown, superstitions predict a pleasant date.

The appearance of these will, most likely, we owe the taste of the product. For example, salt is unpleasant, bitter, salty, therefore only negative is associated with it. Sweet, tasty sugar could not be associated with something bad.

In some countries it is believed that the scattered product has a positive effect on the intimate life of partners. And if this happened during a strong scandal, then swearing people will soon put up.

There are many beliefs that are associated with this product and predict well-being. If the sweet crystals wake up on the floor, then everyone who lives in this house has a rich life. Everyone will be able to find their place in the sun, to find a good job or wealthy sponsors.

The maximum positive interpretation of signs is manifested in the event that sugar is scattered in a handful. Profit will be one-time, but very large. Winning a lottery or a dispute is not excluded.

A broken sugar bowl or a torn package with a product spells a sudden and tremendous promotion. This will entail the emergence of a very large income.

If you accidentally scattered this product and want to extract the maximum benefit, to attract wealth and wealth, love and romance, you do not need to immediately remove it.

Wait a few minutes for all positive omens to come true and the necessary flows (money or love) come to your house.

But after a few minutes, carefully scatter the spilled product and pour it somewhere in the ground on the street. It is believed that throwing it into the sewer, any containers — it is impossible. Thus you deprive yourself of all the benefits that prophesied signs.

If you love refined sugar and use it as a bite with tea, then remember, if refined sugar breaks in your hands, then you will never suffer from poverty. There is a wedding omen, which is associated with sugar. As it is known, now newlyweds are thrown with rice.

Previously, sugar was used instead, because it was considered a source of love and well-being. With this product you can neutralize one negative sign. Having scattered salt, you can no longer be afraid of quarrels and troubles.

It is enough just to take three pinches of sugar and sprinkle them on the salt. It is believed that there will be no scandal, or a quarrel will end very quickly with a truce. Now you can not get upset such trifles.

If you scattered sugar, remember that from now on your life will be full of love and material wealth. Trust the national signs, because they contain all the wisdom of our ancestors.

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