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A sign, if the bird is hot, promises a profit!

Sign — if the bird is hot on his head, car, window

Have you ever wondered why omen, if the bird nakakala — to profit? After all, she enjoys unprecedented popularity among other interpretations.

Psychics are sure that the masters of the heavens can give a sign from unknown worlds, and if a bird crap at a person, it does it intentionally. To warn of a meaningful upcoming event.

In the magical circles they think that this is how she marks people of uncommon, prescient, ability to heal.

Although it is difficult and at the same time ridiculous to imagine how a bird sits and looks out for a potential clairvoyant to award him a mark.

In addition, if you conduct a large-scale sociological survey on the topic “have you been in such a situation,” surely there will be 80% or more positive answers.

Everyone who is in the zone of avian concentrations, especially in spring and summer, is at risk of being smeared with litter.

But if you believe that “the bird has knocked on the head” is a sign of the elect, try to develop extrasensory talents. You may become a great divinator and healer.

Another popular sign: if a bird is hot it is good luck and money. And the favor of fortune and financial luck will come very soon.

Dove nakakal on his head — signs of the species of birds

Definitely judge such superstitions would be wrong. Therefore, interpretations of folk omens «bird nakakala …» decode, depending on the species.

It is considered a good omen if the pigeon has poked on its head, since it is considered to be the herald of peace, goodness and happiness.

Sparrow, swallow or gull awarded — also to the good news. You may be the owner of a large amount or get a promotion at work.

But ravens and rooks, called messengers from the world of the dead, cannot promise anything good. If you become a victim of these birds — wait for trouble or gossip of ill-wishers.

Signs of tits and jackdaws have received a negative meaning in the people, since they themselves are harbingers of hardship and failure.

It was not possible to notice for which feathered have become a target — do not despair. So, for you, this omen will only be positive.

Regarding the common folk will take «bird nakakala …», interpretations vary depending on where drove the litter.

  • If you knock it on your head — the belief promises success.
  • Noticed a speck on clothes — soon get or get new clothes. Litter on uniform promises military promotion.
  • For newlyweds during the wedding ceremony, this situation is a sign that marriage consists of material gain, calculation.
  • Bird nakakala on your car — to go on it in the near future should not be. Risk to get into an accident. We advise in this case to use the plot to sell the car.
  • Soiled the window — perhaps it’s time to do a general cleaning and wash the glass.

Separate signs — a bird scorched on the window — the people do not exist.

Basically, beliefs are related to the fact that the bird is knocking on the window opening or has flown into the house. In the first case, the owners are expected to hear from afar, in the second — the troubles associated with the household.

So, superstitions about birds more often promise good events, especially if the bird has heated up a person. But they can also be the beginning of a series of small dirty tricks around.

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