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Dropped a fork or other cutlery — luck and its history

Who will come on a visit if you drop a fork or other cutlery?

If you suddenly have a fork dropped — a sign will explain this event. There are a large number of different superstitions that are associated with the fall of cutlery, which portend positive or negative changes in life.

Many people believe that if an object falls on the floor, then soon there will be guests on the threshold. Depending on what kind of object that fell, a man or a woman will come to your house.

This superstition is rooted in the distant past and is one of the most common among those that relate to the kitchen and cutlery. However, this sign has several interpretations.

  • It is believed that if a knife falls, then an adult male will be a guest in your house.
  • If a teaspoon, then it can be a child (male or female).
  • The fallen spoon foreshadows the visit of a woman, an old friend who is pleasant to you.
  • A fallen fork will warn of an evil visitor that you don’t like at all.
  • If you are already waiting for the arrival of guests, fallen cutlery just say that they are just about to come.

If we talk about accept — the fork fell to the floor, then it has a lot of interpretations and its interpretation may vary depending on when it happened. It is believed that if this happened at that moment when you were doing household chores, were in the kitchen, then a woman will come to visit you.

And in some interpretations it is said that it is possible that this female is the lover of your husband or boyfriend. However, even if this is not the case, the relationship with this girl is extremely difficult, it is possible that she is very jealous of you.

Perhaps this person weaves rumors about you, dissolves gossip. However, if your area of ​​employment is related to cutlery (you work as a dishwasher, maid, waiter), a drop in the fork is a very bad sign. Sign says that you will lose your job. Do not just go to another place, and you get fired.

Most likely, with the scandal, after a long clarification of the relationship with the boss. Therefore, in advance, look at the new job just in case. Not very bright future prophesies belief, if the fork fell while setting the table.

If in the near future a meeting with an unpleasant person does not happen, then, most likely, a sign can be regarded as a precursor of not very good events, sadness, depression, melancholy, petty efforts are likely.

If the fork falls during a meal, it means that an enemy will soon come to your house. There are also some less common superstitions.

It is believed that no objects that can be found on the street, in any case can not be lifted, even if it was found icon. This also applies to forks. It is on them that you can shoot negative programs, diseases. Therefore, no one can guarantee that previously this item was not an attribute of any rite. But it is possible that this cutlery is also induced damage or the evil eye.

Therefore, the one who takes it, will take on a negative program. In some cases, such attributes are specially thrown by witches, as they can later use the energy of those who held the object in their hands.

Especially in order to attract the attention of a person, silverware, sometimes even gold, is used, they can be thrown near the playground, in the yard. This is done in the hope that the curious child will lift the plug. In no case can this be done.

Some people firmly believe that if the cutlery fell, then the guardian angel warns you about the danger. However, when we drop an object, we become extremely hot-tempered and irritated. It is possible that we can utter swear words.

However, if you drop the plug, it is strictly prohibited to do so. After all, your guardian angel is trying to warn you, and you swear if he is offended, then the next time he will not warn you. Although many of us do not want to believe that the negative meaning will come true, it is better to be safe.

That is why, if you still trust various superstitions, take all necessary measures in order to avert a negative program from yourself. If you are afraid of the appearance of an enemy in your house, as soon as the cutlery falls on the floor, press it with your teeth to the front door and whisper:

Chur me, chur — from the house of painted chickens!

If a fallen cutlery foreshadows just the arrival of guests, even if you have a good relationship with them, but you just do not want to communicate with anyone now and want to be alone, then raise your hand and knock her on the table three times. It is necessary to say three times:

Be sure that the person who intended to meet with you will find a thousand excuses and cancel plans. You can also get rid of unwanted guests by simply leaving the plug on the floor until the next day. It is important that none of the households raise it. However, this is still not the best option, it is easier to knock the device on the table.

Although in fact usually no major change in life does not bring a fork, it can bring a meeting with very unpleasant people. Therefore, just in case, remember how to neutralize the effect of such signs.

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