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Folk omens on June 24 — Bartholomew’s Day

Folk omens on June 24 - Bartholomew's Day

Popular names and traditions of the day

This day marks the day of Ivan Kupala or Yanov, which is traditionally celebrated in the villages even today. It is believed that this is a day of miracles and witchcraft.

On this day it was customary to weave wreaths using nine different flowers. After the wreath was put on, it was impossible to speak.

Girl 24 went to bed with this wreath, expecting to see in a dream his betrothed, who was to come and take off her wreath.

This holiday also marked the day of the summer equinox. They burned 24 fires in the evenings, and then jumped over them, holding hands, dancing, singing, communicating with each other. It is widely believed that the fern blooms exclusively on the night of Ivan Kupala, and therefore, if a person finds it, he will be happy all his life.

They also believed that the fern will help to find out where the treasure is. 24 was distributed swimming in rivers and lakes, also went to bathe in the bath.

But it was decided to prepare brooms in advance, because they believed that after Ivan Kupala, the broom would not have healing power.

In many villages, the custom of not sleeping until dawn was common, as the singing of elves can be heard, and this is a very good sign that herald protection from evil forces for the whole year. Celebrations in honor of the holiday were held throughout the night 24 and ended at dawn. Interestingly, until 1770, the Day of Ivan Kupala was considered an official holiday.

However, even his abolition did not become a reason for him to stop celebrating. On the contrary, it is one of the national holidays, which is remembered today.

Yes, compared to Christmas and Easter, 24 is not related to church beliefs, but still it is celebrated by representatives of a wide variety of religious concessions.

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