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Folk signs on November 13 — Nikodimov day

Folk signs on November 13 - Nikodimov day

Popular names and traditions of the day

The 13th holiday was celebrated by hunters and fishermen. By the way, they could also be honored on the eve of — 12. Celebration dates differed by region. They also prayed to St. Nicodemus, who was considered the protector of the house from fires.

They transferred chickens to winter bunks, since the weather at that time was becoming very cold, and there were frosts at night.

The Orthodox Church 13 honors the memory of St. Nicodemus and St. Spyridon, who lived in the Near Caves of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra in the 12th century. It is known that inside the caves they spent 30 years and were engaged in baking prosphora. Reverend Spiridon was in the monastery, being in adulthood, with Abbot Pimen.

He accompanied his work with prayer and the performance of psalms. Next to Spyridon, the Monk Nicodemus also worked, who performed his duties no less diligently. According to legend, the furnace once caught fire, but Spiridon and Nicodemus were able to put out the fire, remaining unharmed.

Most likely, for this reason they were honored as defenders against fires and other natural disasters.

By accepting, 13 chickens were transferred to winter jackets, noting a weak bird that is suitable for slaughter. Chicken was then cooked with broth, cutlets, chicken broths (chicken pies).

Fishermen and hunters also celebrated their feast day 13, who must go fishing on that day so that success could help them in the next year. In the northern regions, men usually went fishing for several months, and it was very life threatening.

Therefore, accompanied them with great honors, arranging celebrations, magnificent feasts, conducting a variety of ceremonies.

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