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If jumped pimple on the nose or nose: signs

The appearance of red spots and pimples on the face of many people is not very optimistic. They look completely unaesthetic, itchy, itchy. What rejoice?

Believe me, there is a reason. A pimple on the nose is a sign that marks good events or warns against trouble.

Therefore, the discomfort of his presence is quite possible to endure.

If jumped pimple on the nose or nose: signs

Pimple on the nose — to good

Of course, if a skin rash is a common occurrence, then you should not seriously believe the “signals” of fate. All national signs associated with the appearance of inflamed bumps on the face, are only in the case when you really carefully follow the hygiene, regularly wash, not prone to acne. This is true?

If a pimple jumped up on the nose, regard it as a sign from above.

A pimple jumped on the nose — wait for love

If jumped pimple on the nose or nose: signs

Waiting for love soon

This is the most common decoding. She knew our grandmothers and mothers, and now with might and main use modern young romantics. With such an attractive interpretation, even such an unpleasant phenomenon, as a pimple jumped up on the nose, looks much more attractive.

But not the end of the world, but a temporary «inconvenience.»

It is considered to be that for decoding, it is necessary to use information not only about the part of the body on which the sore bump appeared. Should take into account all factors. So, the more pimples, the more numerous the detachment of admirers.

The richer the color red, the stronger the passionate feelings of a potential lover. The larger the epicenter of inflammation, the more prosperous the boyfriend.

Pimple on the nose, on the tip of the nose or below it

If jumped pimple on the nose or nose: signs

Signs for other places

Some authoritative experts on popular beliefs argue that the above interpretation of omens is too generalized. In fact, the decoding is much wider. A sign of love can only be considered a pimple on the tip of the nose.

Moreover, it must certainly be located in the center. A little to the left or to the right is another interpretation. If an inflamed point appeared on the wing, then you overdo it in winning someone’s sympathy.

This sign is a reason to think about assertiveness and temper ardor.

A pimple on the bridge of the nose, in the area closer to the eye area than to the lips, symbolizes getting good news.

What will it be about?

Unknown. Perhaps you will learn that someone has inflamed an unearthly passion for you or is experiencing tender tender feelings.

If not one pimple is placed on the bridge of the nose, but several, moreover, they all “lined up” in one line, get ready to go on a long journey. This is the forerunner of the long road.

Usually the prediction comes true in the near future, for example, within a month.

A pimple under the nose is a reason to take a closer look at your second half. The appearance of a mound in this area of ​​the face is also associated with love.

But not in relation to you. It may indicate treason.

According to popular belief, the appearance of a pimple on the nose very often coincides with the events mentioned in the decoding. Trust them. True, unlike moles foreshadowing global changes, unsightly hillocks predict only short-term events.

But thanks to that too.

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