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Losing a wedding ring omen warns

Loss of a wedding ring — a warning or a good sign?

The assertion that losing a wedding ring — a sign of extremely bad, has long been rooted in the heads of the older generation. It is to the glorious ancestors of modern marriage who owe a variety of superstitions that promise trouble, but how true are they?

Since antiquity, wedding rings have been endowed with magical powers and used in magical rites and rituals. It was believed that if you only put on a wedding ring and wash with rain water, then happiness, luck and well-being will soon enter the house. Great-grandfathers believed that chips, scratches and other damages seen on a ringlet signify a possible misfortune for the carrier.

Wedding rings are a symbol of a happy and carefree married life, personify eternal love, true devotion, loyalty and respect. A wedding accessory is not just a nice decoration presented to your loved ones. This talisman containing a deep meaning is a kind of eternal, tender memory of the second half. No wonder the shape of wedding rings is a circle, because this figure is called the symbol of infinity.

In addition, it is not recommended to remove the binder from the partners of the item, it is not allowed to transfer to other people, to give or to give vilify. If only the ring is a family relic passed down from generation to generation, then it is acceptable that the owner of the ring changes, but the jewel does not go away from the family.

There are a variety of signs, which appear wedding rings. For example, there are those that «tell» about the joint life of the newlyweds:

If the ring fell during the marriage, it will lead to the fact that trouble will happen soon, and if it turned out to be not in size, then this union will not bring happiness to anyone.

Another opinion is that the one who removes a wedding ring from a married woman’s (married man’s) finger will take her (his) life’s years away. It’s unlikely that it’s possible to check whether this belief is true, but still it’s not worth letting the other person take the ring off, because by doing so, according to another popular belief, you give it off to your material well-being and health.

Nothing good and favorable does not promise and the sign of losing the ring.

People believe that this trouble is an omen that soon the husband will leave his wife. Another omen is even more terrible: if a man lost a ring, his wife would soon die.

This is largely due to the fact that the ring is responsible for the harmony in the family, and its loss violates this integrity. This, of course, causes fear in many women, because very often wedding rings are lost when they perform the most ordinary household chores. Nevertheless, as practice shows, many couples, despite the fact that they have lost one or both rings, still remain together. Read also about fortune telling on the ring.

Some ordinary people believe that since the ring has been lost, here it is necessary to look for the guilt in the spirit and the unofficial owner of the house — the brownie. Such an act on his part can be considered both a warning and just a way to attract the attention of residents. Wizards and shamans in this case are advised to make an exchange: a cup of milk and chocolates should be put on the table, and then the coveted accessory will return to you.

Recently, new interpretations of the signs of the loss of the ring have begun to appear. They say that such an annoying situation leads, on the contrary, to positive changes in life. After all, along with the loss, all the old grievances, worries, quarrels that occurred in marriage go away. Instead, just buy a new accessory, consecrate it in the church and wear it instead of the lost.

Obviously, if a wedding ring is lost, signs say either bad or good. But what does this situation mean if someone else’s wedding ring is found?

Someone thinks that soon the newcomer will have new friends, and those who are free from relationships will get married. However, listen to another belief — it is supported by all practicing magicians and confirmed by psychics.

They say that the rings absorb the energy of their carrier, so if someone else’s ring is found, it can happen that you accept the fate of another person.

Immediately melt the found ring into another decoration — this will help to clear its aura of extraneous information. In addition, such a find can be attributed to a pawnshop. And the best option would be to leave the find where you found it! And yet, if you become a witness of how a woman loses a wedding ring, then she should tell about it, but do not approach the ring itself and not lift it.

Undoubtedly, each person treats losses differently, this also applies to a wedding ring. Someone will not give the loss of value, someone just get upset, but someone will be genuinely scary. It is important to remember that very often people program themselves for negative emotions, because even waked up salt is considered by most of us to be bad omens. And if you believe that something bad happens, it will certainly happen. With self-suggestion you should not joke.

First of all, you should pull yourself together, because perhaps the ring is not lost, but simply lies somewhere. There is an excellent reason to make a general cleaning in the house, and if the loss is not found, proceed to the next step — neutralizing the action of superstition.

So, as mentioned earlier, the loss of a wedding ring is a very bad sign, but you should not panic, you have the power to fix it.

There are several ways to neutralize the bad influence of omens.

  1. In case of loss, you need to order yourself and your second half new rings and put them on at the same time. In addition, you can say over charms of conspiracy, which now does not count.
  2. If new wedding rings were bought, then old ones should be taken to the church and given as a donation. You do not want to part with an expensive heart item, it is possible to melt it into some other decoration. Then the thing will become not only part of the memories, but also help to preserve the positive energy that has been accumulated in the ring for many years while it was worn on the ring finger.
  3. You can also read the plot over the old wedding ring and put it in a casket, after which it cannot be shown to other people.

So, you should not always accept bad things without thinking, because if you believe in the feelings of your partner and trust him, then your love can survive any apocalypse and no bad omen can ruin a marriage or even just darken it. The main thing is to tune in to the positive wave and believe that not everything is true, sometimes it’s just a stupid superstition.

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