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National signs for November 23 — Day of Erast and Rodion

National signs for November 23 - Day of Erast and Rodion

Popular names and traditions of the day

In the Orthodox Church, 23 commemorates the six apostles, including Rodion and Erast. Tradition says that Erast was a disciple of St. Paul and came from a noble family. Until that moment, as believing in God, Erast held the position of urban economy in the city of Corinth.

It was Paul who turned Yerast into faith, telling him about Jesus Christ. A little later, Erast together with Paul begins to travel and preach Christianity. Together they came to Jerusalem, where Erast, who left public service, began to live in a local church.

According to some reports, he was a bishop in Palestine and lived to a great age.

As for Rodion, he was not only a disciple, but also a relative of St. Paul and served as a bishop in the city of Patras. During the reign of Emperor Nero, mass persecutions against Christians were organized, as a result of which Rodion suffered as well, having been martyred with Peter and Paul.

There was a widespread tradition among the people of 23 to go to church in the morning and bring bread and salt with them in order to sanctify them.

Then they were fed livestock, and, according to beliefs, domestic animals should then be healthy and easier to survive the winter.

By the way, this tradition was so relevant and loved by the people that even making a purchase of cattle on this day, a person could demand a piece of bread and salt from the seller.

By this time, ice was already installed on the rivers, but it was quite thin and brittle. True, they said that after Erastas, real frosts are coming.

Hunters are already going fishing, and the fishermen often had to wait for more steady frosty weather, which would form ice cover on the rivers for several days. They didn’t leave the house without special needs, in the evenings they heated the stove and gathered their whole family for some work.

Domestic animals at this time began seasonal molt — their wool became more dense.

23 people watched natural phenomena and tried to understand what the weather would be like in the next days or even months. In particular, according to the day of Erast and Rodion they judged the coming winter.

Also, many signs on this day are associated with children.

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