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National signs on August 14 — Honey Spas

National signs on August 14 - Honey Spas

Popular names and traditions of the day

14 The Orthodox Church celebrates several memorable dates at once. One of them — holiday Origin (demise) of the tree of the Cross of the Lord, with the help of which, in deep antiquity, “they averted diseases”, taking him out of the royal treasury and consecrating roads and streets to them.

On this day, according to church tradition, the rite of small consecration of water and honey of the new gathering is performed.

In addition, 14 Feast of the All-Merciful Savior and the Most Holy Theotokos, which is celebrated in honor of the victory won by Andrei Bogolyubsky over the Volga Bulgars in 1164. According to legend, the pious prince, taking on the march the miraculous icon of the Vladimir Mother of God and the Honorable Cross of Christ, before the battle earnestly prayed, asking for the protection and patronage of the Lady, who were him are granted. On the same day, thanks to help from above, an equally glorious victory was won by the Greek emperor Manuel over the Saracens.

And 14 more is considered the day of the memory of the seven Old Testament martyrs of the Maccabees, which is popularly celebrated as Macaway’s holiday of the outgoing summer, focusing on the sound similarity of these two words, rather than reflecting on their original meaning.

It is unlikely that, while baking various “macarbies and makantsy” — meatless pies, rolls and gingerbread with poppy seeds, someone remembers the feat of the seven Old Testament martyrs who suffered for their faith.

And dances, during which girls shower young men with poppy seeds and, tickling them, say: “Poppies, poppies, poppies, golden golovins” resemble pagan rituals rather than Christian ones.

However, in some regions of Russia, the first Savior is also called “The Savior on Water” in honor of the small water blessing. According to custom, on this day new wells are sanctified, old ones are cleaned, and a procession of the cross to natural reservoirs and springs is made. Then they bathe themselves and wash cattle in order to wash away their sins and protect themselves from diseases.

And the next day, no one except the «little foolish guys,» climbs into the water, as it is considered unsuitable for swimming.

On this day, held off the summer — the peasants met the autumn, and also celebrated one of the main church holidays called Honey Spas. Usually for the first Savior there were a lot of vegetables, fruits, in the forests you can pick berries and mushrooms.

Observed 14 and how the bees gradually fill the honeycomb honey.

By the way, the latter, according to signs, is supposed to eat, starting today. They said: “A beggar’s honey tastes Honey Spas”.

People noticed that 14 nights are quite long, and morning dews are cold. They are sent to collect one of the main berries used in the treatment — raspberries.

Rooks 14 gather in flocks, swallows and swifts prepare to fly.

Beekeepers cut honeycombs on this day. Peasants collect poppy.

By the way, it is known that the wild poppy was previously used as protection against witches who could destroy the cattle. By the way, pets last year are buying it at Honey Spas, 14.

As for the meaning of the Savior of the Savior, which is interpreted by the Orthodox Church, it is known that this holiday was established on the first day of the Assumption Fast in the 9th century and was devoted to the destruction of the Tree of the Holy Cross. From antiquity on the territory of Constantinople, the custom of carrying the Honest Tree of the Cross through the city streets was common.

They said that it is to protect a person from ailments.

The Tree of the Cross was open to all until the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. In Russia, this holiday was celebrated only at the end of the 15th century. It is believed that from this day (one month after the completion of Peter the Great), the Assumption fast begins — the forerunner of other great holidays (Assumption and Transfiguration).

This post was not too strict, although in comparison with Christmas and Petrov post it was necessary to limit oneself in food. For example, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it is recommended to practice dry food, and on Thursday and Tuesday it is permissible to eat boiled vegetables without oil. Last allowed on Saturday and Sunday.

It is recommended to refrain from eating grapes and apples until Apple Spas.

In some regions, Honey Spas were also called Wet Spas, and on this day they conducted ceremonies related to the consecration of water — people went to rivers, springs, lakes, along with church servants, and then swam.

Necessarily 14 were wringing and cutting the honeycombs, because, by signs, it was believed that if not to do this, then the neighboring bees would take out honey.

Beekeepers brought freshly collected honey to church to sanctify it.

It was also common to bring vegetables and seeds to sanctify them for a rich harvest in the future.

In the southern regions, 14 were also called Poppy Spas, since it was customary to collect poppy seeds and use it to cook a wide variety of foods. So, baked bread and poppy pies.

In addition, the house was sprinkled with poppy seeds, and then it was thought that not a single witch would get into it.

After the Savior Honey began to plow the fields to prepare for winter crops, cleaned the threshing floor, trimmed the barns for the winter. When sowing winter rye, one ancient custom was carried out.

So, they brought the oldest plowman into the field, and he had to throw the first handful of grain into the ground for a good harvest.

Collected 14 raspberries. If the men were engaged in field work, then the women would go to the forest and fly. Raspberry was one of the most affordable delicacies.

In addition, based on it, various drugs and preparations for the winter were prepared, which helped to fight the manifestations of the common cold and to treat other illnesses.

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