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National signs on August 24 — Eupla’s Day, Evpatiy Kolovrat

National signs on August 24 - Eupla's Day, Evpatiy Kolovrat

Popular names and traditions of the day

Surprisingly — but true. Even today one can meet a person who is convinced that he saw with his own eyes how, on the night of the martyr Evpla, miraculous lights light up on the graves, ghosts appear, the surroundings are filled with noise, whistle, howling, and amid this nightmare a white horse suddenly appears.

She runs around, listens, digs up the ground with her hooves and laughs anxiously, constantly looking around.

They say that where 24 saw a white horse, there was a great battle, and when the enemies almost dealt with the Russian army, suddenly there was no one slave bogatyr on a white horse. He crushed the enemy army, drove him away, but he himself was killed, and his horse was driven into the swamps.

Since then, every year she goes to the ground and looks for cemeteries and the graveyards of her daring master, and the heroic hundred sings and whistles: perhaps the good fellow will respond!

Very few people decide to get into such sworn places, because along with the horse they roam the abandoned graves of Navia — spirits of the dead, creatures without flesh and blood, always hostile against people.

However, it is not only in the graveyards that you can meet these spirits devoid of the bodily shell. They say that right after midnight, Evply is soared to Navia in the baths in the fourth couple, leaving behind him on the ashes some bird-like traces.

In order to cajole the evil spirits, it is necessary not only to sacrifice the fourth bathing steam, but also to leave behind them at least some remnants and some water at the bottom of the gang — let the deceased come and make fun in the bathhouse, as they battered during life.

But the night, even full of nightmarish ghosts and visions, ends sooner or later, a bright day comes, and with it other matters and concerns. And how can we not recall one more sign: “Live by the fir forest and aspen,” that is, by the forest industry.

After all, it is at this time that the forest is ready to share its last berry reserves with everyone who wants to.

We noticed that on this day leaves gradually began to crumble from the trees. In general, day 24 was rather scary in the minds of the peasants, who believed that ghosts were walking around cemeteries on the night of 24, and therefore, it is not surprising that you can hear whistling, singing, howling and other extraneous sounds outside the window.

Ripens to 24 sea buckthorn, and all go to her collection. Sea buckthorn is known to have healing properties, and therefore it was dried, ground with sugar, boiled tea, etc.

In the church, 24 commemorate the memory of the martyr Evpla, who lived in the III-IV century and served in the city of Katana (Sicily) as an archdeacon. He was famous for carrying the Gospel with him and at every opportunity he tried to preach. True, in one of these days, Evpl was seized by the pagans and taken to the emperor.

Evpla was subjected to numerous tortures, but even in this case he did not agree to accept the pagan faith. During the execution, Euple continued to preach — and so died.

The people of the day Evpla, 24, was considered one of the most terrible. People said that on this day a horse galloping through the swamps, which is trying to find its rider, who died and fell from the saddle.

At nightfall, the horse arrives at the cemetery and begins to cry plaintively — that is why it was often said that outside the window on the day of Evpatiy Kolovrat howl and moan is heard. Some brave souls tried to catch a horse, but they could not do it.

Legend has it that in those places where there is such a white horse, there was previously a carnage. Many believed that horses are wandering ancestral souls.

It was impossible to drink 24, because they said that the dead person would surely come to the drunk man and punish him.

They began to shear sheep on Evpatia (Evpla), because animal hair had already grown quite strongly. Craftswomen 24 made threads of sheep wool, and then knit warm clothes.

Masters made boots.

Folk omens on 24

It was customary to shear sheep and engage in processing, making things for the winter.

  1. If the wind, which previously blew a few days, finally stops, then we can hope for good weather in a short time.
  2. Rain at sunrise — sign that the bad weather will last for several days
  3. If the day of Evpatiy Kolovrat falls on a new moon, and at that time there is fair weather — in September there will be very little rain
  4. In the morning the fog spreads over the surface of the reservoirs — a sign that there will be a few fine days.

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