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National signs on December 5th — Prokop’s Day

National signs on December 5th - Prokop's Day

Popular names and traditions of the day

That’s what happens sometimes: the peasants waited and waited for the snow, glancing impatiently at the sky, and he, bypassing the day, took it and fell at night. He felled ravines, powdered potholes and potholes, leveled the surrounding fields with roads, and so reliably and deftly that without a good guide, it was difficult to drive from village to village without getting off the right path.

Looking at all this, the men scratched their heads silently: what to say if “Prokop came, dug a snowdrift, walks in snow — digs roads”.

But sigh, do not sigh, but do not like to wait for things. Therefore, dressed warmly, they would put the juniper landmarks along the roads on the 5th world so that they would not accidentally pull over to the side of the road, and the stranger would not get lost in a snowdrift.

In the meantime, they walked back and forth, making a great road, on which it was a sin not to drive, for example, to the neighboring village of godfather with godfather to visit or to the nearest forest — to stock up on wood.

Sometimes, while the men were waving axes with axes, the hostesses on the day of Prokop scattered throughout the forest in search of the legendary grass of Efilia, which, according to the knowledgeable people, helped the hunchbacked man to straighten up, and the little man grew noticeably.

But, apparently, rarely did anyone manage to find the magic grass in the winter forest, although in other hands an ordinary sprig of pine, spruce or oak bark turned into a miracle cure capable of raising many ailing feet.

It was said that after Prokopyev’s day, 5, a sledge path is established, and one can safely ride on a sleigh. At the same time fairs were held at which they sold sleds. The most popular venue for them was Lubyanka in Moscow.

Special winter milestones were put on the road, which helped to mark the path — there was so much snow at that time.

In church 5, the memory of St. Procopius the Reader is revered, who in the 4th century was martyred and suffered for his faith. The legend says that Procopius was born and lived in the territory of Jerusalem, serving as a reader in the Caesarea church. The duties of Prokopi also included the explanation of the Holy Scriptures, as well as its translation into the Syrian language.

Procopius was famous for having received the gift of miracles for his righteous life and began to heal the sick.

The Palestinian Vicar, in turn, conducted an active struggle with the followers of the Christian faith.

Therefore, Procopius was arrested and began to be forced to renounce Christ. The preacher refused to do this, for which he was beheaded.

The milestones were special stakes with tow, straw or rags attached to the top. These were the peculiar landmarks that were set on the ice so that the travelers would not fall into the ice hole or wormwood. The roads were usually laid by the whole village, and the workers after the termination of their work activity 5 gathered for a common holiday, where they ate, drank, communicated with each other.

Often, they bought a ram, fried it and ate it. Also in some regions they cooked fish.

Men at this time in Russia sannichali — engaged in the production of sleds and repaired them. The children were going to noisy companies and rolled from the mountain.

Also, the village youth could join them. In the evening, 5 made riddles and had fun.

The men in Russia on that day necessarily brewed the beer all together, and the hostess could go to the forest for the magic grass of Ephesia.

They believed that it grows only in a snowy forest and helps to fight with a variety of ailments.

Also, signs said that Efilia helps in the growth of the body, and therefore, often brewed on its basis infusions especially for children.

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