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National signs on January 6 — Day of Eugenia, the day of Claudia

National signs on January 6 - Day of Eugenia, the day of Claudia

Popular names and traditions of the day

Christmas Eve, his evening-out was called by people the Christmas Eve because of the ceremonial dish «Sochi», which was an indispensable attribute of the Christmas eve table and consisted first of grains soaked with water. A little later, they began to cook with the almond and poppy seeds, adding honey.

6 in the churches held a solemn service, and those who for one reason or another could not get to it, praised the Lord at home, telling the children about the birth of Jesus Christ, the Magi and the holy apostles. Thus, in a child, respect for the traditions and customs not only of his people, but of the entire Christian world, was raised in a child.

Late in the evening of 6, when it was already getting dark, the merry Kolyada was going home, consisting of a noisy crowd of mummers, praising the Lord and wanting owners of health and well-being. The ancient Slavs Kolyada symbolized the warmth, giving fertility to the earth and fun to people. In carols — ritual songs the sun was glorified, wishes of a rich harvest and a happy marriage sounded.

Under the influence of the church, which did not recognize the Slavic Kolyada, over time, pagan symbols began to disappear from their carols, giving way to Christianity. That, however, did not in the least affect the generosity and hospitality of those who, at all times, with pleasure and from the heart bestowed caroling on all sorts of delicacies, specially prepared for this day.

But Christmas Eve was considered primarily a family dinner. When peace, tranquility and harmony reigned in the house, and all sorrows and sorrows were forgotten. According to the old custom, the festive table 6 was first sprinkled with hay — in memory of the den and the manger, the first shelter of Christ.

Then he was covered with a tablecloth, from which the most respected family member had to pull out a straw. If it turned out to be long — they were counting on a good harvest, a short straw foretold feedlessness. And the girls on Christmas Eve wondered about their ways.

For what it was necessary to splash it out of the spoon on the door and listen carefully to what the first person who opened it would say. What was the subject of his conversation, such was the fate of fortunate.

The rest of the family preferred both kutya, and sochivo, and to use the brew for its intended purpose, treating them with great pleasure.

The Orthodox Church celebrates the 6th Day of St. Claudia and St. Eugenia. It is also Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, when people go home and sing carols for good luck. On this day Filippov’s post ends, which began on 28. At 6 judged on what will be the month of December.

Signs help with it.

On Claudia Day they say: «The day was added to the chicken foot.» According to ancient signs, right now the most severe frosts are coming. “Winter is frolicking not only in the forest, but also at the person on the nose,” they say.

6 is one of the important days in the Orthodox Church. Celebrate Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve — the most important holiday after Easter.

According to beliefs, it was on this night that Jesus Christ was born.

It is interesting that, despite the ecclesiastical prohibitions, in Russia in the old days, girls 6 gathered together to tell fortunes, since, according to beliefs, Christmas divinations are always true.

Until the first star rises, they tried not to eat. For the holiday they prepared a plentiful table, cleaned up, rubbed the floors with juniper grass so that there was a pleasant smell in the house.

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