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Omens bird knocks on the window

The common meaning of the sign of a bird knocking on the window — the relative’s soul flew in or to death — not the only and not always true. Do not rush to count the days and worry — first learn all the interpretation of the signs of the birds.

By danger or good the bird knocked on the window, flew in

Psychologists have proven that people tend to remember more signs with a negative value. But along with such predictions there are good beliefs.

Considering specifically the bird, you need to take into account the behavior of birds.

People believe: if a winged creature flew up to the window glass and knocks with its beak, it should simply be fed.

Only if the child reacted to the tapping by crying, did the ancestors say that the spirit of one of the deceased relatives did not find peace. It is necessary to remember the dead.

The sign is frightening if the bird hit the window with force. Such a sign is a warning of danger. And to all representatives of the genus.

One should not consider such an event to be bad as a bird that has flown into the open window. Previously, the omen was indeed considered fatal and was associated with death, since the Slavs had the traditional removal of the deceased not through the doorway, but through the window.

The people inhabiting a number of birds revered as guides between the worlds and personified the departed souls. Therefore, Ptah flew into the window trying to feed and release, so she took away the trouble. At the same time, they did not forget to determine whether the bird species influenced the effect of belief.

Good omens — dove or sparrow knocks on the window

The appearance on the window of a handsome pigeon was invariably associated with news from afar, and if it is of white color, it means that the cloister was soon waiting for the wedding.

In the house of girls for issue or grooms not — knocked guest could signal the imminent addition to the family.

The sign «the pigeon hit the window and fell» is negative. If the bird died from a collision, expected a lean year, war, disease, hunger.

Notice the sparrow knocking — a sign promises news from distant relatives.

A joyous foreshadowing promises when magpies ask in the windows. The sign foreshadows the imminent appearance of the newborn or the recovery of the patient. According to another interpretation, you will meet unexpected guests in three days.

Other birds also scare their appearance on the windowsill. So, if the yellow-headed wagtail knocks on the window — a sign warns of troubles. These are problems at work, family squabbles associated with the division of property.

The belief «the crow knocked on the window» promises big changes.

Paying attention to the signs of nature, treat them as weather forecasts, with a share of healthy skepticism. Smile, remembering a subtle joke about how good it is that cows do not fly!

And if you are so superstitious that you pay attention to any words from the outside, refer to a sorcerer or magician who will take a possible curse.

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