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People’s omen — a lot of rowan

Rowan — an amazing perennial plant, which has bright berries that stand out significantly against a quieter background of nature. Rowan is widely distributed throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Concerning omens when a lot of rowan, or simply associated with rowan trees, are very diverse, since almost every nation has dealt with such a plant and told about it in its folklore.

Based on many beliefs mountain ash is an analog of the soul man, and therefore serves to connect it with nature. So, for example, a separately grown shoot of this plant in the yard has very good symbolism. On the other hand, in a very strict order it is forbidden to cause any kind of injury to this plant, namely, in no case should one injure the trunk of this tree, or simply break off several branches at once without need. And if it still happened to be done, then you should immediately ask the plant for forgiveness.

Rowan is the most powerful talisman from witchcraft almost throughout the whole of Europe — from the Russian Federation to Great Britain.

Often, by rowan berries, namely, by their number, it was judged what winter is expected.

  • So, on the basis of popular beliefs — many mountain ash symbolize wet, very rainy, but at the same time mild autumn, which has a very positive effect on nature.
  • There is a sign that A large number of berries on mountain ash will provoke a cold and frosty winter. In the beliefs of the Slavs believed that mountain ash in such a way takes care of birds and beasts, and so helps them survive the cold.

But in truth, the climatic conditions that cause cold cold (the formation of various kinds of cyclones and anticyclones, high humidity, due to which the berries ripen) are very successful for the plant as a whole. Therefore, the sign, on the basis of which: «a lot of rowan — to frost“- can be explained mostly by the weather, which is favorable for the ripening of the fruits of this plant.

Signs of different peoples about mountain ash are closely connected not only with the weather conditions, but also with the occult properties of this berry. Because of the unusually rich, red color of the fruits and the time interval for their ripening (late autumn, after the frosts), many people attribute the mountain ash to mysterious properties. Berry even used earlier in rituals of human burial.

  • Based on the beliefs of the Scots, mountain ash protects the house from witches.
  • Omens predicted Russian peasants protect the home from the dead with the help of twigs of mountain ash over the doors.
  • In the old herbalist you can read: «If the mountain ash in the current year is badly bred, then one should expect the adversity of the deadly enemies — war or starvation with starvation«. Scientists explain the emergence of such negative signs with the fear of people before rowan, as before the plant of sorcerers and the fact that its berries are very similar in color to blood.
  1. If a the plant bloomed, then the frost will go away completely.
  2. If on a tree the leaves faded and stayed for the winter, the bitter cold is expected. This sign is valid not only for the mountain ash, but also for other plants.
  3. Three rowan near the site — preserved against fire.
  4. Rowan under the window — guarded from envy.
  5. Rowan on the porch — wealth.
  6. Rowan in the garden — a full harvest.

Rowan has strong bactericidal properties, therefore, it is, along with silver, an excellent means to purify water. In the most ancient times, when people went to mowing, they threw a bunch of this plant into the backwater, so that the water would become potable. And tourists and travelers use this method to this day: a branch of mountain ash with fresh leaves is lowered into 2 hours for polluted water — and the water is decontaminated, then it can be drunk.

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