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People signs for April 1 — Day of Daria Gryaznoy and Chrysant

People signs for April 1 - Day of Daria Gryaznoy and Chrysant

Popular names and traditions of the day

Do not think of the bad, Daria herself used to be a scribe, helping the village mistresses to bleach. And half-loggings in Russia were called specially arranged holes, which not only served for fishing and washing clothes, they also drove the cattle to them for drinking water. Can you imagine what could happen around when everyone gathered together!

In winter, it still does nothing, snows it with snow, forgets frost, and again it is clean and fresh around. And by April, all that was buried in the winter, was thawed and crawled into the eyes.

And in the ice holes themselves, the water stagnated, became unpleasant, yellow. “The holes in Daria are muddled” — they said to the people, trying to “enrich” their edges with poles and boards so that the dirt would not be pulled apart and not accidentally collapse under the water — the ice in April was flimsy. It already had time to sweep the sun and to wash it out with streams. And by how quickly and together the snow melted by 1, they noticed:

«If the spring water on Daria comes with a noise, there are good herbs, and when it is quiet, they should be withered and stunted.»

And, they say, housewives began to wake up at Daria, so everyone tried to deceive each other that day, confusing the head and their baked «master» at the same time. The saying “The first is that I don’t believe anyone” has been preserved from that very time. On the other hand, the custom of the early days “in the frosts”, on the last snow, lay out the harsh canvas weaved over the winter for whitening and “more softness”.

These canvases used to be called Krosns, and they served after such frosty-snow hardening much longer than usual. Therefore, the saying “Stele Crosna on frost” was for the village hostesses a kind of guide to action.

However, even now, if you wish, you can check the effectiveness of one such old recommendation: “You wash laundry from any stains if you soak it exactly when the spring sun rises and spread it on a clean snowball.”

It was believed that on this day from hibernation awakens a brownie and begins to behave disgracefully. Also among the people, 1 was called the day of Darya Gryaznoy, Darya Poplovikha, a bubble hole, a mud pit.

Daria was called dirty for the reason that the active melting of snow at this time causes the blurring of roads, yards, and fields by the vernal waters. They accumulated at the ice-holes and river banks.

The Slavs were rather rude, but they were definitely expressed about this1: “Daria has all fooled around.” It was also believed that Daria was a dirty maral in the mud, only bad people who had evil thoughts.

In addition, day 1 is popularly known for the healers used spring water to treat diseases and remove spoilage. It was in April that the nature truly revived: the willow began to bloom, the coltsfoot, the hazel blossomed, the sap flow began, etc.

The waters of the ice-holes of 1 melted, the banks broke off, the rivers and lakes became yellow and dirty. According to Daria, the weather was usually predicted in October and whitened the canvases so that they would not get dirty for a year.

They spread the fabric on the snow so that it was illuminated by the rays of the sun — this helped make it cleaner and softer.

In ancient times it was said that 1 wakes up a brownie. In order to appease the spirit and cheer him up, people prepared all sorts of treats — milk, cereal, wine.

In addition, they tried not to swear, but, on the contrary, to play with jokes and tricks.

By the way, it is interesting that many see this as the roots of the modern holiday of 1 — April Fool’s Day, because they do not remember the goblin today, but they continue to joke from year to year. The girls tried to make fun of a large number of people, because it was believed that then the suitors would not lie to them.

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