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People signs for May 23 — Simon Zealot Day

People signs for May 23 - Simon Zealot Day

Popular names and traditions of the day

Simon in Russia, treasure hunters considered their benevolent patron, going 23 in search of treasure buried in the land. Although the treasured treasure was not given to everyone in the hands, but only to those who owned a special conspiracy, he had a fern flower, rip-grass, an invisible cap or a lucky bone. But this was not enough, because according to legend, every treasure, in the ground hidden, evil forces cherished, and in order to scare them away, one had to perform a multitude of various ritual actions, not forgetting about one or anything.

Moreover, there is also a special prayer to be read, which sounded like this: “I will go to a clean field, to the dense forests, to the black mud, to the okey-sea. And there stands a pillar, on it is the Savior, the Most Holy Mother of God. Behind the marsh a little, I have to take it.

Stand back, evil spirit, it is not your place that you are, not to watch over you. ”

23 place of the treasure was determined with the help of a set of signs. However, even when the treasure trove was found and «opened» through conspiracy or prayer, it was still too early to be considered his own.

After all, the found treasures, having fallen into the hands of an unhappy person, could suddenly turn into clay shards or simply crumble to dust.

But to other lucky ones neither prayers nor herbs of the miraculous were required, the treasures of the earth at their feet lay down. But only, it seems, not many such people lived in Russia, the happiness all the more smiled, who was not in the ground, but in search of him. Remembering, for example, also that Simon Zealot was not only the patron of the treasure hunters, but also the tillers of the land, who did not run around the woods in search of treasures, but worked that day in the fields and fields.

Therefore, probably, they said: “This wheat on Simon the Zealot will be born, like a zloto”.

But not all believed those words, some peasants believed, for example, that it was a sin to plow and sow for 23, since on this day the land celebrates its name day. To which those who prefer work to any idleness replied: “Today is the day of Simon-Gulimon, Lazy Reverend” — and they went about their affairs past idle people.

It was believed that working on this day was a great sin.

Healers and healers at this time gathering medicinal herbs in the forest in order to prepare healthy potions from them. It is believed that today herbs receive magical powers.

Usually medicinal herbs were collected alone. They found the plants, and then, before disrupting it, uttered special plots, kneeling.

And during the whole collection of herbs, they surely read “Our Father” and “Theotokos”. Grass 23 could not collect all — it was done by people exclusively with pure thoughts. Pre-steamed in the bath, put on only clean things and did not think about the bad, going to collect herbs.

Usually they were not torn off with their bare hands, but were used for these purposes with clean handkerchiefs and towels so that the miraculous power of the plants would not disappear. All herbs were collected in bundles of 23, and then sent to dry in the attic.

On this day, people also went in search of treasure. The nature around pleased with its beauty — lilies of the valley, plum blossomed, an oak opened.

The people of Simon Zealot were considered the patron of herbs and believed that it was by his will that all kinds of herbs grow on Earth.

He also prayed 23 about finding treasure. Condemned the treasures so that they did not get to a stranger, could with the help of special plots, on the contrary, bequeath the treasure to a specific person, leaving him with instructions as to where to look for buried treasures.

Sometimes treasures could be buried for a certain number of «heads.» That is, if, for example, the treasure is conspired to 20 “heads”, then only the 21st person will find it.

By take it to 23 on arable land did not leave, because the land was considered the birthday girl, and the work was a great sin. They tried not to reopen the land with either a shovel or a harrow, and even to drive in pegs was strictly forbidden.

It was believed 23 to cherish the land and pray for a good harvest.

According to legends, on this day the Earth’s birthday day took place — she was given a break, tried not to carry out any earthworks, prayed in her honor.

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