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Pimple on the chin, signs of dates and quarrels

If a pimple popped up on the chin, the optics spell matchmakers or quarrel. Since ancient times, people have been convinced that these signs on the body do not appear for a reason, and they warn about interesting events.

There are many beliefs associated with a rash on the lip, pimples on the nose, redness of the face, itching in the palms. All of them have two variants of interpretations. Let’s start with good signs.

It has long been believed that the appearance of a pimple on the chin of a pregnant woman indicates that a boy will be born.

The greater the rash, the longer the labor can be. Little pimple — promises easy and fast. Neither mother nor child will suffer, and the baby will be strong and healthy.

Beliefs are invalid if the rash has a medical indication.

A red dot on the chin spells a quick wedding. In pre-revolutionary Russia, her appearance at a merchant’s daughter testified that someone would bow at her feet. It was believed that the matchmakers would come, or the future husband himself. However, the groom is probably much older than the bride, and the marriage will be arranged.

Appearing sign also spells a speedy date. Not excluded a fascinating novel. The more acne, the stronger the relationship.

If we talk about the negative interpretation, then a pimple on the chin can warn about the illness of a person or his close relative.

In some cases, the sign speaks of the disease only in a man with a beard.

These superstitions are relevant if the place of the rash is itchy, itchy and constantly worried.

To get rid of the negative effect of omens, you can simply neutralize the itch. Many are convinced that in this situation nothing will threaten the relatives.

As is often the case, many omens contradict each other. So, there is a rare superstition that a strong rash on a girl’s chin is to a major quarrel with a familiar person. This may be a partner, or someone from relatives.

Another interpretation insists that the emergence of a large or several small pimples predicts a break in relations with a partner.

In many countries, people believe that a sign on their chins warns of treachery, which will be the reason for ending the relationship. On whose side will be treason, it is impossible to say.

The same phenomenon implies the completion of an annoying project, the beginning of a new job, the great opportunities that have appeared. There will be a chance to show yourself from the best side, to demonstrate the best qualities.

If a pimple jumps up on your chin, pay attention to superstition. However, believing in them, as in an axiom, is not worth it. Stop your choice at the best value and be sure that this is how you attract positive events to yourself.

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