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Signs about a broken mirror: a description of what to do

The mirror is, perhaps, the most mystical and mysterious subject of our everyday life. Since ancient times, sorcerers used it in their magical rituals, and soothsayers predicted the future from it. Therefore, it is not surprising that people are so afraid of signs about a broken mirror.

Signs about a broken mirror

For an average person, a mirror is a beautiful piece of furniture with which he has got used and without whom he simply cannot imagine life. But for people who “know” the mirror is not just a decor, but an ancient magical object with great power. It is believed that the mirror surface serves as a conductor between two worlds: ours, in which you and I exist, and others hidden from the human eye. In addition, this magical object is able to accumulate both good and bad energy and share it with a person.

In the mirror, as in an encrypted notebook, information is stored about everything that happened before it. It remembers all the joys and sorrows of a person, all his good and bad deeds, his thoughts and desires, therefore, if there are mirror surfaces in your house, it is very important to follow some rules of behavior with them:

  1. The first thing that needs to be taken care of is keeping the mirror clean. Wipe it regularly, or better — wash it under running water. This erases information from the mirror surface, which is not always positive.
  2. Do not keep mirrors in the house with scratches or stains.
  3. No need to overload the room, placing it more than three mirror surfaces.
  4. You should not bring old mirrors into the house, look into them, because you cannot know what they have seen in their lifetime and what they can share. Do not buy someone else’s, second-hand mirror, especially if his master is not okay in life.
  5. You can not hang mirrors opposite each other, creating a “mirror corridor” that can attract negative energy into a person’s life.

But the main signs and warnings relate to broken and damaged mirror surfaces. People are terribly afraid of causing any harm to the mirror, and in its fragments they see broken fortunes and terrible disasters. It is considered a bad omen even if a mirror accidentally fell, but it did not break. Let us see which of the signs about the broken mirror are true, and which ones are contrived under the influence of panic.

It happens that for no reason at all a mirror falls, but it does not break. Some people think that this is definitely a bad omen, while the latter tend to write off what happened to a bad mount, the carelessness of a cat or a game that the child has arranged. What does the fall of the mirror surface actually mean and is it worth giving it a meaning? On this account there are several opinions.

Spontaneous falling of a mirror from a wall can be regarded as a warning to people living in a house about difficult times. It is believed that the reflective surface accumulates bad and good energy, so its fall indicates a difficult psychological situation in the family. If the mirror falls to the floor from the hands and is not broken, then in this case folk superstitions prophesy to a person good health and long years of life.

If there is a crack in the mirror for no apparent reason in your home, it means that in the future someone from your family will be in trouble. People who are addicted to esotericism believe that evil forces dominate the room where such things happen. In the treatment of great importance is the place where the cracked mirror hung. If the mirror surface that was in the bedroom of the spouses broke, then this means that the husband and wife will have to go through difficult times. Between them are possible quarrels, misunderstandings, betrayals, even divorce.

If the crack appeared on the reflective surface that hangs in the child’s room, then it is worthwhile to carefully follow his health and look at his surroundings. There is a sign that a damaged mirror in the kitchen “predicts” financial difficulties for the family. It can also foreshadow problems at work or in business. In case of damage to a small toilet mirror, its owner is threatened with health problems. The only good sign is the appearance of cracks on the reflective surface, which witnessed illness or misfortune: this means that it has fulfilled its mission, having absorbed all the negative.

The most terrible consequences bears the broken accessory. It doesn’t matter when this unpleasant event happened: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening or at night. It does not matter who is to blame and intentionally he did it or unintentionally. It is only important how large a broken mirror is, because a large reflective surface threatens the person who broke it with a greater misfortune, even if it happened by chance. If you break the mirror of a small size, then the trouble will be less, but they also cause a lot of trouble.

There is a sign that a broken mirror at home will bring misfortune to the family, which will haunt her for seven years. Over the years there can be a lot of trouble in various areas of the lives of family members. In this regard, there are legitimate questions: «What if the mirror is broken?» And «Is it possible to prevent the impending misfortunes, making it so that the prophecy does not come true?». Let’s try to figure it out.

If a mirror has broken in your home, the first thing you do NOT need to do is despair. There is a belief that says that in no case should you look at the fragments and even be reflected in them. To neutralize the negative impact of a broken reflective surface, it is necessary to get rid of it as soon as possible. This should be done carefully, using a wet rag and gloves. While working, you will have a desire to look at your reflection in mirror fragments — try to overcome yourself and in no case do not.

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