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Signs about buttons: to find, lose, sew

Buttons have long been used as part of clothing for its decoration, and even are true works of art. Also about them there are a lot of superstitions, which modern people still trust. So what signs about buttons promise us good luck, and which warns of danger?

Signs about buttons

Let’s start, perhaps, with the most enjoyable take about the buttons. One of the most popular assures: to find a button lying on the road means that your path, wherever it goes, will be successful. Another button in this way can predict quick and pleasant changes in life.

If a person found a button in any other place, this is also a good sign. Most likely, in the near future he will be promoted or another person will appreciate his merits.

The most desirable find is a button with four holes. This means that the finder will be pleased with good news. It’s still good if it is white or green. This is for news and for earnings, respectively.

In principle, to take or not to take a button with you is a personal matter. However, popular wisdom does not advise to raise the one that has only two or one hole, no matter how beautiful it is. Especially if it also shows pieces of thread. Such a thing can bring bad luck.

Black button also does not promise good news, and therefore it is better to leave it on the road.

Often, the buttons break off, and even more often — are lost, and completely unnoticed and unexpectedly. Each of these events has its own meaning.

Do not rush to get upset when the button suddenly disappeared from your clothes. Firstly, it can be sewn right there. But secondly, when the button flew off, they talk about the need for a decision. And this, which will affect your life only in a positive sense, and, perhaps, will turn the course of events as you could only dream of.

Another sign predicts: when a button falls off, you should think about people from your environment. Some of them impede the implementation of your ideas.

If a button flew off and landed straight into any body of water, then definitely you should expect an improvement in your financial condition and prosperity in general. On material stability and security, you can talk in the case when the button fell off when buttoning, but if you tore it off, look at this person. It will leave a reliable business partner.

Worse, if the button falls off, and it also breaks down in the hands: there is no need to build grandiose plans on this day, things will not work out for sure.

When a button is lost, it indicates the presence of detractors around. To lose a button is to lose confidence. Need to be careful when talking with friends: not every one of them is different.

By the way, this superstition can be interpreted in the following way: usually the accessories that were badly sewn or dangling on threads are usually lost. The person simply did not pay attention to this, was absent-minded or too busy, therefore, it is considered a bad omen to lose a button, because it indicates the inattention of the “lost”.

According to the day of the week on which the button broke, they notice that a person is expected in the future:

  • on Sunday — to a new acquaintance;
  • on Monday — to success;
  • on Tuesday — good luck on the love front;
  • on Wednesday — to a scandal with a loved one;
  • on Thursday — to feelings and hopes;
  • on Friday — to betrayal, deception;
  • on Saturday — bye or friendly gatherings.

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