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Signs how to quickly sell an apartment or house

Many real estate traders use folk signs to quickly sell an apartment, a house. Observing them, you can also make a bargain in a short time.

Not one century there are favorable signs on the sale of the house. At present, predictions have become relevant for apartments in high-rise buildings.

  • «Whoever goes around the house three times will soon find a buyer.» Go counterclockwise in three rounds in unhurried pace, stopping at each corner to bow. Closing the action, refer in your own words to the house with a request to sell the living space as soon as possible. To heighten the effect, leave the hearth keeper a sweet treat or saucer of milk for the night.
  • You can sell housing, based on favorable dates in the lunar calendar. The phase of waning is the most favorable to success. The apartment will quickly attract the new owner.
  • When people come to inspect the property, the owner needs to ensure that visitors sit at the table for a while. According to legend, this contributes to a quick sale.
  • The more boring the buyer — the better the deal. The owners need to be patient so that everything goes smoothly.
  • The main rule of trade: for any product there is a buyer. Subject to sale at a reasonable price.

Successful businessmen say that while three dozen customers have not looked at the goods, you can be calm.

Bad omens exist to warn and protect from harm, so do not be upset to see such signs. Knowing them, you can avoid trouble in the housing issue. Consider the following:

  • Bad sign — met by a potential buyer on the way to home a mouse, rat. This, according to popular belief, promises minor troubles.
  • A bad omen is a rodent seen in a dream. The seller promises this unsuccessful deal. The future owner — the efforts associated with new housing, scandals with neighbors.
  • Having conceived the sale, do not tell about your plans even to your relatives — they might envy you. Find out about the signs of exposure from the article about the symptoms of the evil eye. Only individuals who live with you and are interested in selling should be dedicated to the secret. If someone asks, don’t brag.

Useful will be cleaning the living space (including from old furniture). As you know, things accumulate negative energy.

If the people living in the room do not want to move out, it will not be possible to sell square meters without magic plots. Energy energizing in space can have a repulsive effect on incoming customers.

Housing does not find a new owner for a long time — check if there is an evil eye on it. Try ways to protect the home from damage.

Signs about the speedy sale of private households are advised to put an inverted broom or mop in any corner of the kitchen or hallway.

You can hang a lucky horseshoe over the front door. With this accessory deal will definitely bring a lot of money.

Sometimes the owners for a long time can not sell the house for no apparent reason. To speed up the process, listening to popular omens is not enough. It is necessary to read the prayer lines of a conspiracy helping in the sale of real estate.

It is necessary to make a purification. Take a bucket of water, a rag. Do not use detergents, mop and gloves. Wipe the floors in all rooms. Sit by the bucket and say the lines above it:

«My little house, all the corners and brownie, I forever renounce you,
From the walls of the family, strong locks and doors,
From each familiar angle and from the brownie.
The first money is someone who brings me
That one from me will tidy you up. Amen».

Close to midnight, pour the conspiracy water onto the ground. The main thing is that no one sees you.

To perform the ceremony will need an ordinary broom. At three in the morning read over it:

«As from the apartment I litter litter,
So I attract buyers.
The first watch will come; the second, becoming interested, will leave;
And the third one is sure to take it. Amen».

Go to bed before dawn. As soon as the first rays of the sun seem, you will notice the floors with a broom stuttered. Repeat the rite for two more days.

When selling a home, the adage “what a merchant is — is a bargain”. Good luck in trade depends largely on the ability of the seller to show the product, its confidence. Therefore, in advance, tune in to the positive outcome of the plan, and the result will exceed your expectations.

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