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Signs of a pimple on the lip of the lower or upper

Often such a phenomenon as a pimple on the lip is not considered a sign and does not give a mystical meaning. But in ancient times they believed that this was an important signal from higher powers. Find out what promises a banal accident.

When you find a rash, refer to beliefs, making sure that it is not associated with the disease. Then common signs of a pimple on the lip promise:

  • on the lip itself — to kisses (top — meeting, bottom — date);
  • in the corners — to gossip, quarrels;
  • who has appeared, he is foul language, deceived.

Usually, a rash appears before a date or meeting with a future partner. This interpretation applies to girls. For women who have been married for a long time, superstition predicts the possible appearance of a fan who will try to destroy your union.

For accepting love it is important how long the rash remains. The longer, the stronger and longer the relationship will be.

When interpreting, pay attention to the itching on the hands, eyes, legs. This will help to see the full picture of what is happening.

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A pimple on the upper lip foreshadows a meeting. This can be a fan or distant relatives will arrive soon. It is not excluded rendezvous with friends who have not seen each other for many years.

When jumped over your lip, it gives out your feelings. Determine the sympathy you experience or love. Another pimple will help to find out what the source in front of you. It usually indicates that the individual is selfish and narcissistic.

However, there is another interpretation — a person is modest, timid, loves his soul mate. In most cases, these individuals are shy and unable to open their heart.

According to superstition, someone got a pimple on his upper lip, you have to be bolder and tell about your feelings, because they are mutual. Belief prophesies a strong relationship, full of tenderness, love and harmony.

The appearance on the bottom — a sign of kissing at a romantic meeting or with a friend or relative. Interpretation allows several options. This can be the beginning of a relationship and a meeting with a person with whom you have been separated for a long time. He feels sincere feelings, is ready to create a union.

Pimple on the bottom lip to kisses with a longtime friend, colleague, with long-awaited relatives.

The appearance of a rash under the bottom indicates a sudden meeting with friends or relatives. She will be joyful, learn good news.

The appearance of pimples in the corners of the lips is interpreted as a warning. You are being discussed, gossiping behind your back, preparing meanness, quarrel.

It is difficult to say who spreads rumors (enemies or close friends). Rumors can ruin the reputation, quarrel with the boss or relatives. Such a sign should not be overlooked.

Analyze the situation to turn it in their direction. Suspect someone, then stop the relationship, avoiding trouble.

If a pimple popped up on the lip or under it, and it is not caused by a disease, signs will help to know what to expect. Perhaps the higher forces are warning of an important event that will soon happen in life.

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