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The bird flew through the window for luck?

The bird flew through the window — a sign of a blue-wing and not only …

Among the common folk will take about birds, there is a scary, not versed in the inhabitants of the inhabitants of their meaning. As if a pigeon that flew through the window foretells death. It’s time to figure out how correct the interpretation is and whether the birds really predict fate.

Numerous beliefs about birds are passed down from generation to generation, experiencing transformations, additions and extensions of interpretation versions. Turning to the origins of the pagan and Slavic beliefs, one can understand that for our ancestors the birds were the personification of spirits, a hypostasis in which a deity could appear to people.

Later, when the suppositions of the pagans about the existence of gods in each animate and inanimate object were supplanted by the Christian religion, the people put forward a different version of the magical function of winged friends. They began to be considered a link between the otherworldly, living, and now existing world.

It was taken for granted that the soul of a deceased relative could dwell in the little conqueror of heaven for a short time in order to carry some important news. For example, to warn about future changes, the imminent death or serious illness of someone from the family.

Assuming that the bird accepts it flies out the window, fulfilling the mandate of higher powers, as a forerunner of the future, consider whether the event depends on the species. After all, Providence is not for nothing that so many beautiful flying creatures are conceived. In different parts of the world inhabited by individuals of different size, color, breadth of wingspan.

There is another distinctive feature according to which versions of the interpretation of superstitions about birds are built.

Good omens — a tit, a swallow, or a dove-hatchling flew into the house

It is unlikely that among the population of the former post-Soviet space there will be lucky ones, for example, a vulture, a peacock, a pelican or a hummingbird accidentally flew into the window.

In order to present an exotic bird as a sad messenger appearing in our lands, it is necessary to have a rich imagination and ornithological knowledge. Therefore, the superstitions associated with the dogs of foreign origin are not found among the Slavs.

So which of the winged inhabitants takes responsibility for the future, preparing to fly to a certain window is clear from popular phrases:

  1. A sign of a pigeon flying into a house promises to receive good news. Long since the pigeon brotherhood was ranked as angelic beings, heralds of good, peace and a happy future. A bad omen promised a belief to whose window became an obstacle in the path of a light bird, in the case when a turtle-dove, male or nestling broke about an obstacle. Then the inhabitants of the house threatened in the near future imminent danger.
  2. A swallow who has flown into a house through a door or other doorway can, with its interpretation, please the owners. Soon, one of the households will strengthen the legal bond of marriage with the second half. But if there are happy spouses in the house and there is no one suitable for a quick marriage, do not worry. Pointed baby just brought prosperity and happiness. Or maybe the swallow flew into the window by accident, a sign that could be mistaken.
  3. Another fragment of cultural heritage that has reached its contemporaries:

«The bird-bird on the shutter (on the balcony) sits down — a sign says that luck will happen.»

A lively, nimble tit in the house, the titmouse always foreshadowed prosperity for the house and the replenishment of the young family. For her secured the title of «performer desires.» Find out what happens if a bird knocks on the window.

Bad «bird» omens and ways to neutralize

However, not all signs of birds are so good. Homeowners face a sad outcome if the homely sparrow flew through the window. It is not clear why, but sparrows are considered to be cursed birds carrying great trouble on their little wings. People said:

«Wait to visit death with a scythe, since the sparrow flew into your house!»

Omen really promises a terrible omen, so I want to stand up for the cute bird. Look out into the street on any fine day, and among the birds you will see most sparrows and pigeons.

It is customary to rejoice at the pigeon that has flown into the apartment, but it is much easier for a tiny little sparrow to get into a dwelling. And then people start looking for ways to neutralize superstition.

Here the human love for contrasts is seen: good is evil, good is bad. Often there is a choice, it is worth counting the frequency of occurrence of those and others, or simply do not trust the judgments.

Another thing is finding a huge crow or cuckoo in the room. Not only are these birds capable of making a pogrom in a house, they are also considered dangerous individuals. Indeed, according to occultism, dark entities can infuse their bodies. And the fact that the crow is a regular visitor of cemeteries and burial grounds is known even to children.

By nature, not superstitious individuals are lucky. Having a white pigeon arriving at a party, if you take a lucky sign, you can finish reading and let the bird go home. The main thing is not to scare off, make way for departure, so that the birds do not hurt themselves and safely flew out.

Upset and lowered hands, people waiting for sad events can breathe easy. Neutralize the sign will help magic ritual.

To do this, you need 12 candles on stands and matches. Light the candles set in a clockwise direction. When the last candle’s wick is ignited, look at the fire and say:

“Lord, Heavenly Father, bring trouble and adversity, and seventy-seven of all misfortunes. Amen!»

Say the phrase three times. Wait until the wax columns burn themselves out and the defense is ready.

Some may have the idea to lure the feathered birds to their abode by scattering bird food on the windowsill. However, whether the sign will work in this version is a questionable question. Moreover, there is no guarantee that making a sign, it is a pigeon or a swallow that flies into the house.

Living on a high floor, it is even more recommended to leave a venture, otherwise you will receive not income and well-being, but conflicts with neighbors living below. They are hardly waiting to visit the paradise bird and will rejoice in the droppings left on their windows. By the way, about signs of feces can be read in the material «Birds poop, and signs come true.» Believe me, wealth and happiness in your own possession can be attracted by other, more effective methods.

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