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What dog howls in the yard or at home: the interpretation of omens

The howl of a dog is considered a bad omen, promising misfortune and misfortune. However, an animal’s howl may warn of an upcoming wedding and other positive events.

It is important to pay attention to whom the dog howls, how it behaves, how it keeps its head, what time of day it happens, where the animal is. The dog in the yard at night howls at the moon to change the weather conditions, and if the dog lies in the booth and howls in the daytime — to the imminent death of the pet.

With the help of howls, a pet can express boredom, hunger, sadness, fear and other emotions.

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If the dog howls in the apartment, when the owners go to work, do not pay attention to this animal behavior and look for a catch: the dog just misses his family and does not want to be alone.

Some signs of mournful sounds, which publishes a pet, have a scientific justification: dogs have a keen sense of smell, so they smell like burning. From here came a sign of a fire in the house.

Animals also smell an unpleasant smell emanating from a sick person who is on the verge of life and death.

The howling of a pet may indicate a pet’s health problems, so if the dog howls often, you should show it to the vet.

What dog howls in the yard or at home: the interpretation of omens

If the dog howls, having lowered a muzzle on paws, — the animal will soon die. Whining with his eyes closed — suffering from pain.

If in the morning the dog stands on its hind legs and howls, looking at the owner, the day will be unsuccessful. The animal whines in the afternoon and looks at the owner — a person should be extremely careful and avoid risky situations.

If the owner heard the howls of his dog on the eve of a responsible event or business trip, things should be put off for some time and spend the day with his relatives.

In the case when the dog howls at the newlyweds — the marriage will soon fall apart. If a white dog howls while looking at the bride, the woman will soon give birth to a first-born child.

What dog howls in the yard or at home: the interpretation of omens

Folk superstitions about howling a dog in the yard:

  • If the dog whines and keeps his head straight — to the death of one of the neighbors. She lifted her head in the daytime and howled lazily, sitting on chains, — the behavior foreshadows war or famine in the country.
  • If the dog has lowered its head, and the owners hear prolonged howls, — to the death of one of the family members.
  • The animal howls at the passerby during daylight hours — to the bad news from distant relatives. Rolls on the ground and becomes aggressive — to emotional turmoil.
  • The black dog digs a hole in the ground and howls loudly for a funeral.

According to popular belief, a dog that howls in the daytime for no apparent reason and at the same time looks towards the house, foreshadows a fire.

A dog can not only howl before negative events:

  • In the yard in the evening or at night, a pack of howling dogs gathered — for a quick wedding and the upcoming solemn festivities.
  • The dog whines at the sight of another animal — to luck in all undertakings.
  • If a dog sitting on a chain howls, and when the owner pulls it off the leash, it starts barking loudly and wags its tail merrily — to a long-awaited meeting with a long-time friend.

What dog howls in the yard or at home: the interpretation of omens

The howl of a stray dog ​​is a bad sign. The animal warns that human health is at risk.

This may be a precursor of an accident or incurable disease.

If the neighbour’s dog howls are heard, a black line will come in life. The lack of money and health problems are foreshadowed.

If the plaintive moan of a stray dog ​​does not cease, day or night, to the great distress that will affect all members of the household.

In no case can not scream at the whining dog and beat the animal. It is necessary to stroke the dog and talk with her affectionately.

To protect yourself and your loved ones from the superstitions about howling a dog, you need to say these words when you hear the dog’s howl: “Let the trouble go, but not at this gate.

  • If a dog howls in the house when someone is sick in the family, you should light a candle for the health of this person in the temple and pray before the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos for peace and harmony.
  • If a yard dog is howling, you need to collect a bucket of water from the tap and throw it out of the gate to get rid of negative energy. Someone else whining dog need to throw a bone or other treat. If the dog eats it, then trouble will be avoided.
  • If a stray dog ​​is attached to a man on the street and howls loudly, you need to feed the animal and cross three crossroads.

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