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Ace of Wands of Tarot

When the Ace of Tarot Wands goes to fortune-telling, the significance of this fiery map can seriously please people who are striving for success. However, in some cases, and it can warn of trouble.

Ace of Wands of Tarot — card value in layouts

The Tarot Ace of Wands card symbolizes fire, energy and the male element, as well as growth, vitality and willpower. If you got this card, you not only know what you want, but also understand how to fulfill this desire.

You have everything to achieve the goal. You can safely go to her, good luck is now on your side.

The result will be your triumph.

Ace of Wands of TarotThe value of Ace Taro’s Staff is creativity and a high probability of change associated with new beginnings. You can get a new job, change your place of residence, open your own business or drastically change your lifestyle.

The card can predict a significant inheritance or birth of a child.

Before you open up new opportunities, do not miss them. You are adventurous and brave enough to take a deliberate and carefully planned risk.

Events may be conducive to the discovery of your personality, and this refers to its important aspects.

Since the Wands suit relates to the element of Fire, situations can be associated with the strengthening of will power, belief and principles.

What happens to you will contribute to inner maturation and personal growth. This card symbolizes the strengthening of life position, optimism and joy gained from each day of life.

But sometimes she points to a lack of patience that can ruin your plans.

An important part of the value of the Ace of Tarot Wands is male power. If the card falls for a man, it means that he is alright with that.

For a woman, she will become an allusion to the need to search for a suitable man.

Inverted The tarot card tuz posokhov does not advise taking up business or not interfering with the events in question. You do not have enough resources and energy to achieve the goal.

In addition, your decision may be selfish, which will lead the company to collapse. Now you are inattentive and do not know the whole situation, and the promise made to you will not come true with great probability.

An inverted card warns men of problems with potency, but a woman can be told that she is deprived of male attention or fruitless.

What does the Tarot Tuz of the Wands card mean at the level of consciousness?

Ace of Wands of TarotAt the level of consciousness, the Ace of the Wands suit is a map of great potential, imagination and creative inspiration. You have the right amount of energy to take the initiative in what interests you.

Your beliefs, willpower and all the resources that you need in this period can get the most complete disclosure. Now is the right time for personal development, self-knowledge, self-analysis and self-awareness.

If you have long wanted to do self-development, you should start right now. At the moment you are able to productively learn and develop, enjoying the process of improvement.

Ace of Wands of Tarot — meaning in a relationship

The value in the relationship of the Ace of Tarot Wands is a kind of new direction within the union, most often in a positive sense. This is a map of lively and fruitful relationships.

She can personify the time of adjusting to each other, without which it is impossible to do at the very beginning of life together.

The Ace of the Wands suit foreshadows the opportunity to create a strong alliance based on love and kindness to each other. For those who are guessing who are married or have a relationship, the card promises to revive love feelings, even if the union has begun to cause boredom.

She predicts mutual understanding, growing sympathy and joint ventures for the couple.

Since the Ace of the Wands suit embodies the fiery element, it is impossible to manage without manifestations of the fiery temperament in these relations. One way or another, there will be stormy showdowns and outbursts of passion in them, but on the whole the map has a positive meaning and the relationships will develop safely.

Ace of Staff Tarot — meaning in the layouts for work

Ace of Wands of TarotAce of Staffs opens for those wondering the opportunity to know their true vocation. This is a chance to realize talents and skills.

Soon you will receive an interesting offer or opportunity that you will not want to miss.

It is difficult to say what exactly this event will be that will open your destination. You may get a difficult task, which you have long dreamed of, in your workplace. Or maybe you can express yourself where you did not have access earlier.

Fate offers you a chance to show yourself, and you have everything to succeed.

The cause for which you will undertake will be connected with ambition and enthusiasm. The motivation to succeed will be truly strong.

Definitely, the results of the idea are worth all the difficulties associated with its implementation.

What kind of people is represented by the tarot card tuz posokhov

Ace of Wands of TarotAce of Staffs can relate not only to situations from the life of a fortuneteller, his future and emotions, but also to personify people from his environment. Using this part of the map value, you can easily answer many questions that concern you, for example, who has done harm secretly or from whom help can be expected.

Ace Staffs in a straight position says that you are dealing with a creative person who is used to directing their resources to creation.

This person is initiative and well motivated.

He has a penchant for adventure, but in an illegal enterprise to lure such a person is difficult.

A person who is meant may in some way be a pioneer. He can introduce innovations in his workplace, introduce to the market or engage in the production of a fundamentally new product.

This person is capable of inventing things that are truly useful to society. With great probability, he chose a career as an entrepreneur, or is committed to it.

Inverted Ace Staffs indicates a person who has not kept his promise. This is an un-ambitious person who is distinguished by selfishness, stubbornness, immunity to the opinions of others, and sometimes emotional instability.

He shows himself unproductive and has no ability to do what he does. However, it is distinguished by excessive pickyness to others.

Ace of Wands and Tarot Card Combinations

Ace of Wands of TarotMany combinations of Ace of Tarot Wands with the rest of the cards indicate the approval of projects and ideas.

For example, if this card is near the lords of the Emperor, this suggests that your idea will appeal to the authorities, as well as the desire to take responsibility for its execution.

Combination with the lasso The court also foreshadows the approval of the project or the maintenance of the idea.

The combination of the Ace of Wands and the Double of Wands speaks of the need to plan, think and visualize the planned project. Troika of Wands means that this project is already acquiring features.

Six of Wands offers to find like-minded people and work on the popularity and promotion of the project that is sure to bring success.

Some combinations of Ace of Wands, despite the overall positive value of the card, portend trouble. For example, the Seven of the Wands says that you are facing challenges on the road to success.

The level of motivation of the team or guessing must pass this test. Ten Wands with an Ace of Wands means surrender and loss of motivation.

Ace of Wands in Tarot Thot

Ace of Wands of TarotIn the tarot deck, the Tuz of the Wands are depicted as a flaming torch that symbolizes the element of Fire.

According to the descriptions of the author of the deck, Aleister Crowley, this is the second card in the deck, which means the highest energy, the first is the lasso Sun.

The image on the map shows the energy that is manifested, if you remove everything that blocks it.

This card indicates that the fortuneteller is full of strength and energy, he has all the necessary resources to work on an interesting project for him. He should be engaged in search of business to which it is necessary to make forces.

However, before starting the process of completing a task, think about it — what would you really like to do? What brings you the most pleasure and what ways you need to go to the fulfillment of this dream?

You can pull the clarifying cards from the deck in order for the tarot to help you answer these important questions.

In general, the Ace of Wands symbolizes the fire element, bright events, willpower and excellent motivation. This card is wonderfully tunes for success if it comes to the question of the outcome of a certain cause.

However, in an inverted form or in particularly unsuccessful combinations with other cards, it can predict various tests and even the failure of the project.

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