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Alignment on the Tarot — the rays of Saturn

In addition to the fundamental basic layout for the prophecy of life and the fate of the client in this incarnation “Personal matter”, two more layouts will be offered to your attention: Saturn and Zodiac rays with pentagrams.

A feature of the Saturn Rays layout is the ability to determine the karmic load that passes into the future incarnation. This alignment of another qualitative level.

Methods and technique of the alignment of the Rays of Saturn

This alignment is built on the principle of high analogies. Its scheme is given in fig. 6. Schematically represents the three rays of Saturn, the planet of karma and time, giving to everyone according to his merits.

An analogy is drawn between the life of the client and the flower or tree bearing the fruit. What are these fruits? Edible or poisonous?

How to improve the variety, how to select the best seeds? What will the new crop, how the scientists have worked?

What are the characteristics of new varieties, seeds, etc.?

Alignment on the Tarot - the rays of Saturn

Fig. 6. Alignment «Rays of Saturn.»

Real life. Date of birth 10/07/1952

Alignment on the Tarot - the rays of Saturn

Fig. 6. (continued)

Alignment on the Tarot - the rays of Saturn

Fig. 6. (continued)

Alignment on the Tarot - the rays of Saturn

Fig. 6. (ending)

The first beam of the tarot

From birth to 29 years

Pos. 1a, 1b.

Seed. Arcana Troika of Swords and VIII, Justice, the karmic burden of the past incarnation.

Many problems arise in the client’s way, especially in the area of ​​intentions. «Germination» of very low quality. But it is a necessity, a reality, viii.

Pos. 2a, 2b. The soil.

Nine of Swords, Nine of Pentacles.

Social environment, birth. We can say that at the time of his birth his mother had difficulties, but everything worked out.

Pos. 3a, 3b. Fertilizers.

King of Wands, Five Pentacles. The father was the leader in the family. The wealth is average.

More poverty than prosperity.

Pos. 4a, 4b.

Sprout. What “rose” on this gray background?

After all, poverty and almost asceticism are not friends of rich “shoots”.

Four of Cups, Eight of Cups. Sprout is sluggish, weak, inactive, but well feeling the beauty of the world and its potency.

This is a weak sprout rejoicing in the Sun, grown on dry soil without much care.

Pos. 5a, 5b.

Force majeure Nine of Cups, Seven of Swords.

What storms tried to destroy this sprout?

The desire for leadership, excellence, an almost painful attitude to the imperfect, the expectation of change, dreams. This position indicates the desire, reproach, hope for a better future.

Attempt and wait — position keys.

Pos. 6a, 6b. Fortune.

XVII, Page of Cups. Fortune favors. Already at a young age, he experienced first love.

In addition, the boy was in the soul of a poet and ardent Romeo.

Pos. 7a, 7b.

Strengthening the root. The Eight of Pentacles III.

Improving the material aspect, possibly the pregnancy of the wife. Quarreling.

In a more general sense, a vague understanding of one’s duty and, from this, non-fulfillment of one’s duties in full.

Pos. 8a, 8b.

Bloom. Ten and Knight of Swords.

Negative Arcana. This may be the search for friends, quarrels, the rejection of what is in the asset, the desire to improve the situation.

Sports achievements are possible, including all types of power struggle, fencing, horse dressage, etc.

Pos. 9a, 9b. Ovary.

Two of Rods, Dame Pentakley. Maturity, maturity, difficulties, surmountable in the field of retribution.

Perhaps passionate passion.

Pos. 10a, 10b.

Standoff Eight of Swords, Five Cups. What opposes development, what helps?

There is a mystification of misfortunes, the predominance of a strong beginning, cooling in different areas.

Pos. 11a, 11b. Care, transformation.

Ten of Pentacles, XVI. There was a change in the value system, reorientation of activity.

Pos. 12a, 12b.

Fetus. What «matured» in this field?

VII; I. The fruit was «a success for the glory.» Career, victory, conquest, the predominance of the will.

Pos. 13a, 13b.

Harvest VI, Ace of Wands. The choice of a new path is dictated by a high position in society.

The first ray keyword is accomplishment!

Saturn’s Second Ray Tarot

29 to 58 years old

Pos. 14a, 14b.

Qualities. Grade-analogy. IX, Five of Swords.

Overcoming many temptations under the auspices of prudence. The separation of the wheat from the chaff.

It remains a seed, pure.

Pos. 15a, 15b. Application of opportunities.

Ace of Pentacles, IV Heaven promotes human advancement. It happened with emperors and kings.

Pos. 16a, 16b.

Themis. Two Cups, Seven Pentacles. The influence of Mercury.

This talent, growth, insight, a huge range of feelings. Anxiety, concern — Themis takes care of his pet.

Pos. 17a, 17b. Cost

Six and Ten Cups. Pleasure, pleasant life, love, harmony.

Pos. 18a, 18b.

Transportation. Progress — what is it?


Saturation of life, lack of demand in the best plans of the individual.

Pos. 19a, 19b.

Market. How does the customer demand on the market of life? Four and Page of Rods.

Service in the social sphere, honest quiet work, growth, but slow. «Chicken pecks on grain».

Pos. 20a, 20b.

A place under the sun. Nine of Rods, II. The combination of these Arcana on the table of combinations gives an intriguing answer: mystery.

I need the advice of an astrologer.

Our astrologer is the lord of time Saturn. He will tell us what will happen next.

Pos. 21a, 21b. Demand.

O King of the Winners. Obviously the influence of high person in the fate of the client, which will turn his life.

Pos. 22a, 22b.

Sale. Interest to the client in the way of its growth?

XIV, XVIII. The combination of «Swimming out of nowhere!»

Pos. 23a, 23b. Revenue from sales.

V, Page of Swords. Transformation status.

Coup fate.

Pos. 24a, 24b. Reviews

What are they? XIII, Six of Pentacles. Instant retribution, many enemies, envious.

Society is rejected as a kind of «early fruit», an upstart, which arose from nowhere.

Pos. 25a, 25b. Applications for the future.

Ace of Cups, Seven of Wands. Hard-won Grail.

Social success, recognition of others.

Pos. 26a, 26b.

Aftertaste. Reputation?

Three of Pentacles, Six of Swords. Moving to another level of mental ™, success, enemies in the knockout.

Saturn’s Third Ray Tarot

Calculate the date of death of the client. This can be done immediately after falling out in the XIII alignment in the pos. 24a.

Next — Six Pentacles. We work by a known technique.

Date: 5 of 2011, the year of the Dragon is dangerous for the person involved.

Pos. 27a, 27b. Scientific assessment.

Eight of Wands, Lady of Swords. The client is perceived in hostility, the activity in the eyes of others is sharply negative.

Pos. 28a, 28b. Selection.

Confrontation — what is it? XI, Four of Pentacles. Copes with the load of failures.

Combinations of this pair: rich gifts.

With his participation, the positive force aspect is activated.

Pos. 29a, 29b. Experience.

Ace of Swords, Knight of Wands. Emotions, achievements, victories with a sword in their hands.

Perhaps, opposition, and terrorist attacks as well.

Variety resists frost. It is hardy, windproof.

Pos. 30a, 30b. New variety.

Five Wands. King of Swords. Excellent parameters of the new variety.

New formation, hardening and high quality.

Pos. 31a, 31b. Strength tests.

XV, Ten of Swords. Braving bravery, unexpected losses «warriors of Mars.»

Pos. 32a, 32b. Queen of Wands, King of Pentacles.

Improved performance. No special improvements are foreseen, on the contrary: misfortune, danger prevails.

Pos. 33a, 33b.

New breeding methods. Page of Pentacles, Seven of Cups. Failure of plans due to an incorrect course; not to cling to illusory success.

Strengthen in intent as well.

Pos. 34a, 34b. Disturbing factors.

Troika of Wands, Knight of Pentacles. Impact on business life through relentless work, solutions: a new beginning.

Pos. 35a, 35b.

Necessary fertilizers. Six of Wands, XXI.

Combination: wishful thinking. Ignorance of the true state of affairs requires revision of plans.

Pos. 36a, 36b. Improved grade.

Queen of Cups, XX. Combination: figurative thinking.

Analysis of the situation.

Pos. 37a, 37b. Sustainability.

Implementation. Two and Four Swords.

The regime of power dictatorship is interrupted, respite. Problems remain.

Pos. 38a, 38b.

Quality. Troika and Knight Cups.

Success, change, improvement of the situation.

Pos. 39a, 39b.

Luggage. Storage. X, Two Pentacles.

Preoccupation with the positive.

The struggle to preserve the status of negative, does not bring success.

Counting the «karmic baggage» of the future incarnation

Find the total Arcana vectors for three positions of the alignment: 13, 26, 39.

1 sum, 1st ray: 6 + 1 = 7

2 sum, 2nd ray: 3 + 6 = 9

3 sum, 3rd ray: 10 + 2 = 12 Total sum: 7 + 9 + 12 = 28 = 10

Vibrations of Arkan X, Wheels — a landmark of the future: good omens and happy changes.

Findings: in this incarnation, man rotated in the wheel of destiny, drawn either by fate, by temptation, then by righteousness. He is a man, a hero of Mars, he is a warrior and a hero, a conqueror and a loser.

His Armageddon is not over, he will continue in his future incarnation, his chariot is on the move. He will give place on Olympus to others — but such are the laws of being.

However, he succeeded a lot and did a lot for the good of other people.

Now you know how to spread the Tarot cards of the rays of Saturn.

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