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Alignment — Tarot Cross: when and how to use it

Tarot cards are a very ancient mantic instrument, they allow you to slightly lift the veil of the future and shed light on the upcoming events. Since the days of the white-haired darling, people have actively used this mysterious deck to find answers to various questions that concern their soul.

The first mentions of the Tarot cards belong to ancient Egypt. But until now, the cards have not lost their popularity at all and now psychics and ordinary mortals who dream of finding out what to expect, use different versions of the decks and get the help they need.

One of the common card layouts is the «Tarot Cross», a review of which we give below.

Description divination «Tarot Cross»

Divination «Tarot Cross» is one of the most easily doable and understandable in the interpretation of layouts. Thanks to him, you can learn about the trend with which the current situation will develop, as well as get good advice for the future.

A huge plus of this divination is that it is easily applied to the most diverse life situations, which you can easily see for yourself.

As a rule, only 78 Tarot arcans are used for the alignment, but if you are new to this field, you can use only the Senior Arcana group represented by 22 Tarot cards.

Divination itself happens as follows:

  • you mix a pack of cards thoroughly;
  • extract from it four lasso, which should be expanded as shown in the photo below.

Alignment - Tarot Cross: when and how to use it

The value of positions in this scenario

Now we turn to the value of each card in the described scenario. It is divided into several options.

First option

  1. the first lasso is about the meaning of the problem in question;
  2. based on the second — you will learn how most likely to act, but how to act should not be;
  3. the third card — tells you how to act correctly;
  4. and the fourth — you can find out about the final result of the situation.

At the same time pay attention to the fact that it is necessary to distinguish the value of the card positions of the second and third, especially in cases where the arcane will have a similar value, because it is precisely in the differences between them that the main meaning of the whole fortune-telling lies.

Option Two

You can also use the “Tarot Cross” layout as a comment if you could not understand what one of the cards in other hands means. In this case, you will need to ask such a question: “What does such and such of the Arcana mean in the chosen position?”.

This method is more accurate than drawing a single arcane.

Please note that in the second variant of the “Cross” layout, the position value will change somewhat:

  • the first map will reveal the meaning of the problem;
  • the second card — which is not related to the value of the card;
  • third card — what this card means;
  • The fourth card — tells about the direction in which events will develop according to this arcane.

Alignment - Tarot Cross: when and how to use it

Third option

In case you are in a crisis situation now, you should seek help from the Tarot Cross fortune telling. To do this, all you have to do is ask the deck: “What is important to me now?”. In addition, each of the card positions will have the following meaning:

  • The first map is about what is being discussed now. Describes the starting point, that is, the situation in which you are now in;
  • The second card will tell you about what does not matter, at least for a given period of time. Release your fears and thoughts about this, leave them for the future, because now other things will be much more important;
  • the third card — thanks to it, you will learn about what is important now. She will also tell about further actions that will be required from you. We need to set ourselves such a goal, think about it and try to realize it with all our might.
  • fourth card — here you can come first. This position will tell about the development of your higher «I». She is your next step. And when you complete it (perhaps tomorrow, or perhaps in a few months), you will need to perform this alignment once more to clarify your further actions.

On the basis of the drawn cards, you will know about the next steps that will be needed in the near future.

Thanks to the “Tarot Cross” layout, you will learn about the most correct decision that it is most reasonable to make in the current situation, and also understand when it is permissible to revert to cards with the same question. Divination is ideal for difficult life situations, will contribute to maintaining mental equilibrium, gaining support and focusing on the most important aspects.

Please note that the fourth card in the scenario is not the final goal, but is simply the next step that will entail others. Quite often it happens that this position has a sad, slightly negative character.

But do not be in a hurry to get upset in such a case: this is a sign that you will have to go through a test, without which you can’t overcome a crisis and cannot go to the next stage.

What questions can I ask cards

A properly formulated question is a guarantee of the most detailed and accurate answer.

Below we give the questions that it is permissible to contact the cards in this divination:

  1. What is the current situation and how will it develop in the future?
  2. What is the perspective of the event (can it be personal relationships and other areas of life)?
  3. How can you solve an existing problem (or achieve a goal) in the easiest and harmonious way?
  4. For what reason (or because of what) did such an event occur? What secret meaning does it have?
  5. What is the best way to solve the current situation? What should be your actions in it?
  6. You can also ask Tarot cards about self-knowledge, self-realization, as well as ask questions that relate to the topic of spiritual self-improvement.

In this case, pay attention to the fact that the cards will not answer you unequivocally affirmatively or negatively to the question posed. They will only help you with making decisions, and also tell you about the consequences that these or other choices are fraught with.

Alignment - Tarot Cross: when and how to use it

An example of divination

To make it even clearer, consider the interpretation of the layout of the “Tarot Cross” on a specific example.

  1. The first map (speaks about the meaning of the problem). Suppose that in this position fell the harness of the Hermit. He points out that a person does not want to put physical effort, but strives for maximum relaxation and comfort plus wants to dive deep into himself for a certain period of time.
  2. The second card (reveals actions that do not need to perform). In our example, this map was the Five of Cups. She points out that you spend too much time in vain, upset about trifles and yearning for them. You want to have something that is impossible and as a result you get upset again.
  3. The third card (how to act). Here fell Ten Cups. She is a very positive card, which says that the questioner should spend more time with her family and friends, enjoying life to the maximum. Give up the reclusive lifestyle and try to live every day as the last.
  4. The fourth card (how it will end, the final result). The King of Swords card was dropped — the situation is likely to end in success, because kings are responsible for translating the knowledge from theory into practice. King indicates willingness to commit acts.

In conclusion, we recommend you to watch an interesting thematic video about this fortune telling:

Guess today using the map of the tarot «Map of the Day»!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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