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Examples of fortune telling to meet his second half

All unmarried girls and women who have no relationship, want to know how soon this bright and beautiful, and most importantly mutual, feeling will appear in their lives. In this, divination for a meeting, about the features of which we will discuss later in this article, can help.

Examples of fortune telling to meet his second half

How to perform divination for a meeting with your beloved

  1. To predict the future, you should first of all prepare your own card deck. Today, Tarot cards can be purchased at any esoteric store or make an order on the corresponding online resource. When you choose a deck, do not rely on logic, but be guided by the voice of your intuition — it is important that you really like the deck.
  2. Before you begin a fortune telling, examine the cards more closely — familiarize yourself with their meaning, as well as the combination with each other. It is advisable not to guess on the newly purchased deck, but to hold it for several days with you so that the cards absorb your energy and are ready to tell you the truth. To do this, at night you should put a deck under the pillow or near the head of the bed.
  3. The respectful attitude to the Tarot cards is important — they should be kept wrapped in a shred of silk or velvet. And best of all — stored in a bag specially stitched for them.
  4. Never allow cards to be laid anywhere, it is also important to control that other people do not touch them. And under no circumstances agree to lend the card to other fortunetellers.
  5. You can hear the opinion that you can not guess myself, but in reality it is nothing more than a myth. The main thing is to be able to correctly interpret the drop-down arcana.
  6. Do not be afraid of cards! Contrary to popular belief, they cannot impose fate on you, they can only push in the right direction, to help find the right answer to the question of the soul.
  7. But it is also not permissible to use Tarot cards regularly! Resort to fortune telling only when help is vital for you (you feel that you are at a deadlock, you cannot choose one of several options, and so on).
  8. Pay particular attention to the correct formulation of the question — it is important to ask it as clearly as possible, detailing the situation. At the same time, it is not necessary to do it out loud — a question properly asked in thought is enough.

Examples of divination for a meeting with a loved one

Simple divination for love

This is a very easily doable version of divination for the meeting whether it will take place. With its help, you will find out whether a loved one will appear in your life in the near future, as well as which factors will contribute to this or, on the contrary, hinder.

For prediction, ordinary playing cards are taken (new deck, 36 cards).

First you need to think about your question, then shuffle the cards and move them with your left hand in the direction of yourself. And after that lay out the cards in one row (so that there are no more than seven cards in one row).

Cards are laid out until Ace appears. It is he who will help make a prediction of the future in love:

  • Hearts Aces — symbolize love and indicate that in the near future a real, mutual feeling will appear in your life;
  • Peak Aces — the meeting will not take place;
  • Treff and Diamonds Aces — they talk about the probability of meeting (but there is no 100% guarantee of this).

The same cards that are in the layout before the Ace will tell about the reasons for love failures or about the circumstances that, on the contrary, will help you to find your happiness.

In the process of interpreting cards that are located up to Ace, in addition to the traditional meaning of each of them, attention must also be paid to cards- «neighbors», which strongly influence the overall picture.

Guessing «When will I meet my soul mate?»

If you want to know how soon your beloved person will appear in your life, you can use the following option.

It is necessary to choose the Hearts from the deck (even if you are a lady with dark hair, only the Queen of Hearts will be your card) and place her in the center of the table.

Examples of fortune telling to meet his second half

Then shuffle the deck and lay out twelve cards in a circle so that their shirt is looking up. Each card will be associated with one of the months of the year. But the countdown does not start from January, but from the month in which you spent fortune telling.

The remaining cards are moved to the side — they are not used anymore in this divination.

And all the cards that have fallen out must be turned over in turn and can be taken for their interpretation:

  • Jack (regardless of his suit) — predicts the appearance of boyfriends, interested, however, in a non-burdensome relationship, flirting. You will not be particularly interested in them.
  • Kings are real-life successful men who show their interest in you. But it’s impossible to say what the future development of relations will be.
  • Trofovy, Diamonds and Peak Aces — associated with those of the opposite sex who would like to take you as a wife. They have very serious intentions.
  • Heart Ace — this card symbolizes true, pure and sincere love. If you fell in the fortune-telling Chervovy Ace, then very soon you will meet a man who will make you happy, he is your soulmate, the perfect companion of life.

In the event that there are no Coins, Kings and Aces in the scenario, you can repeat it after 30 calendar days (in no case do not neglect this rule, the period of the minimum break between love divinations is four weeks, otherwise you risk to get false information ).

Guessing «When I meet my love» by the method Lenormand

Another method of predicting a fateful meeting, this method has its roots in the famous French fortuneteller — Mademoiselle Lenormand. Lenorman herself used ordinary playing cards in fortune-telling, but her followers invented using special cards with drawings-symbols for her layouts.

Examples of fortune telling to meet his second half

When you complete the standard preparations (shuffle the deck, concentrate on your request), you will be taken directly for the layout.

Put the cards one by one so that their shirts are facing up as follows:

  • The 1st card is placed in the central part of the table, and the 2nd and 3rd cards are placed below it;
  • 4th card — placed on the left side of the 2nd, and even to the left of it is the 5th card;
  • 6th card — you must put on the right side of the 2nd, next to it, put the 7th card (it turns out that the 4th, 5th, 2nd, 6th and 7th cards are in the same line );
  • The 8th card is placed on the left side of the 3rd, and the 9th is on the right side (another line is formed by the 8th, 3rd, and 9th cards);
  • 10th card — placed below the 5th (5th, 10th cards are located vertically, and a pass in the middle);
  • Put the 11th card under the 7th (in the vertical row there will be the 7th and 11th cards, and between them there will be a void);
  • The 12th card is placed near the 10th (from the bottom of the 8th), and the 13th card is next to the 11th (from the bottom of the 9th);
  • The 14th card is the final one in a row, it is in the middle between the 12th and 13th (one row below). A map that is personified with a guessing (the 28th or 29th will be counted) is between the 12th and 13th in the remaining empty space.

Now you can turn to the interpretation of the layout, which will be as follows:

  • 1st card — says whether you will meet your love;
  • 2nd — describe the circumstances under which the meeting will occur;
  • 3rd — tells about the further development of relations;
  • 4th card — tells about the general mood of your chosen one;
  • 5th — tells about his emotional state;
  • 6th — describes his intellectual abilities;
  • 7th — tells about financial opportunities;
  • 8th is about spiritual potential;
  • 9th — talks about what kind of relationship your beloved dreams;
  • 10th — tells you the best way to proceed;
  • The 11th — and the 12th — are indications of past experience, of the personal relationship of the questioner;
  • The 13th card — tells about the further development of relations;
  • 14th — will tell about what you have to change in yourself.

Finally, we invite you to view an interesting thematic video.

Guess today using the map of the tarot «Map of the Day»!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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