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Full value of all Tarot cards of the Junior Arcane

Fifty-six cards of the Minor Arcana divination at the Tarot are divided into four suits (“retinues”), 14 cards each: 4 figured; or costume — the so-called «yard» and 10 points, or numerical — from ten to ace, root suit. From ancient times to the present, map makers designated suits with signs of stars and arrows, birds and dogs, mirrors and columns, moons and anchors, and yet could not escape the traditional division of the deck into four suits (not counting, of course, the Major Arcana) .

What is the reason for the stability of the four in the younger arcane divination at Tarot? It is widely believed that the four suits represent the four castes of the ancient Egyptian kingdom.

Another popular theory states that the suits are four estates of medieval Europe: swords — knighthood, nobility and aristocracy, peasants and lower classes, goblets — church and other spiritual groups and coins — commercial classes.

Someone associates the suit with objects — a chakra, a club, a shell and a bow, which is held in four hands by the Indian deity Vishnu, as well as the complex bisexual deity Ardhanarishvara — one of the incarnations of Shiva.

In the middle of the sixteenth century, cards represented a gamble, in which swords prophesied death to one who despaired and went mad with a game, staves (batons, clubs) promised punishment to fraudsters and sharpeners, cups hinted at wine capable of all disputes, and coins represented the meaning and purpose games.

In medieval France, colors were associated with military affairs. Peaks represented stocks or depots of weapons needed for battles.

Treffs meant a common meadow plant and warned the generals not to get their troops into places poor in food for horses. Hearts (hearts) symbolized the courage and perseverance of officers, and diamonds (diamonds) resembled the type of durable arrows produced from the arquebus. In the seventeenth century, four suits warned against four dangers in a person’s life: murder, violence, unrest and crime for profit.

But there were also those who considered the suits to be worthy signs and, in accordance with swords, became justice, staffs — courage, cups — faith, and coins — mercy.

The four suits were likened to the four seasons, the four primes, the four worlds of Kabbalah, the four magic elements of alchemy, and, of course, the four letters of the name of God — UNL / N (Tetragrammaton).

General essay on small lasso

As already mentioned, the small arcana Tarot, as well as ordinary cards, are divided into four suits: staves, goblets, swords and pentacles (clubs, worms, spades and diamonds, respectively). Four cards of each suit are personified (they are called retinue or courtiers) and can serve to identify those who are wondering.

In ancient times it was believed that our world and everything consists of countless combinations of four basic elements: air, earth, fire and water.

The sacred name of Jehovah, the creator of the world, is denoted by the four letters IHVH and corresponds to the four elements that he used in his creation.

Later, these elements were tied with four signs on the axes of the zodiacal circle — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius — which are depicted as drawings of a bull, a lion, an eagle and an angel. These creatures are mentioned in the Bible and their images adorn the four corners of the 2 maps of the Elder Arcane — the Wheel of Fortune and the World.

In addition, they designate four seasons and four rhumbses of the compass (north, south, east, and west).

Some symbols of Tarot originate from ancient German mythology, in which real and fictional creatures were also associated with the main elements.

So the salamander is always associated with fire; Ondine, the feminine aquatic spirit, symbolized water; sylph was considered a spirit of air; and the little dwarf masters meant the land.

So, it turns out such a scheme of junior arcane Tarot cards:

  • Staves: fire, lion, south, salamander.
  • Cups: water, Aquarius, West, Ondine.
  • Swords: air, eagle, north, sylph.
  • Pentacles: land, bull, east, gnome.

The value of small arcana

Each card of the Minor Arcana (except for the figure ones) has its own calendar meaning, that is, it can answer the question when the event of interest will occur. On the map, we find everything that concerns the accuracy of time — innovation is very important for fortune telling.

There is first of all the ratio of the map with these months, then with the phase of the moon (in quarters) and, finally, daily with the hours of each day. Thus, the ace of clubs corresponds to the sun from 1 to 19 of the first day of the first quarter and 6 am for the day.

The four objects depicted on the cards, the wand, the goblet, the sword, and the denarius, personify the four suits of the small Arcana.

They symbolize the four elements: fire, water, air and earth, the four cardinal points, the four seasons or the four states of human consciousness — sleep, oblivion, wakefulness and transcendence.

The cards of the Junior Arcana are usually laid out when they want to get an answer to a specific question regarding the future, present or past. The question should be formulated as specifically as possible. On an ambiguous question and the answer will be evasive.

In addition, the questioner himself must be sure that he wants to receive an answer. The advantage of fortune-telling, according to Tarot, is the ability to interpret the cards, depending on how they lay correctly or upside down. Because of this, we have not 78, but as many as 156 fortune telling characters.

In the modern set, fortune telling on the Tarot cards is actually not 78, but 80 cards. Two of them are empty.

One of these cards is a spare, in case of loss of the card from the set, and the other is “white”, which should not be withdrawn without special need, and the alignment must be carried out with its participation.

When a “white” card falls out, it usually means that the questioner (and more often the questioner) does not want others to learn something from his life. It may also mean that the one who is being asked at the moment does not exist as an individual.

This is not necessarily a physical death, although in the event of death a “white” card will probably fall out rather than the image of Death from the Elder Arcana, meaning more often just another personality update. In any case, the “white” card means the unpredictability of the future in the area of ​​life that it was supposed to symbolize according to the alignment.

In general, if a person has to find out something that his mind is not ready for, Tarot will give him a “white” card or give another evasive answer. After long efforts, you can, of course, make them express themselves more clearly, but it is better to follow this warning.

4 elements of the junior arcane

The elements in occultism are the basis of everything, they are the metaphysical foundations of the world, human consciousness, the main types of behavior. It is important that poems are 4 types of relationships between a person and the world, personality and society, ideas and reality.

This forms the 4 elements of the small arcane.

  • Wands and Swords — an attempt to bring their ideas into the world, to defend their individuality, the desire to adopt their own system of values.
  • The Bowls and Pantacles are an attempt to understand the world and its laws, to become part of it, to adapt to common values, to find sources of ideas and creativity in the world.
  • Wands and Chalices have an inner source of experience, a person changes under the influence of an inner force — search, intuition, faith, and will.
  • Swords and Pantakli set changes in a person under the influence of external force, the source of events and experiences outside of a person — thinking, logic, rationalism.
  • Wands and Pantacles are not internally contradictory, a person in the world is with himself, and he is engaged in himself — individualism, leaving fruits and achievements.
  • Swords and Chalices, as the elements of a small lasso, carry internal contradictions, the presence of partners — friends, enemies, the acquisition or loss of strength or peace due to interaction with other people. Leave knowledge and understanding.

Interpretation of junior arcana

Each suit of the Minor or Minor Arcana describes cards “in order of numbers”, from Ace (1) to Ten and then Valet (Page), Knight (Cavalier), Queen (Queen) and King, they are also Herald, Horseman, Sibyl and Pharaoh at Etaily and in the old Russian tradition.

The suits are listed in the following order: Wands, Cups, Swords and Denarii, they are also Staves, Bowls, Swords and Pentacles.

In the section devoted to interpretations according to Etaille, its numbering is preserved: the cards are listed on the contrary, from senior to junior, starting with Pharaoh (King) and ending with an Ace.

Not only the numbering, but also the names of cards and suits in different decks can vary, but we should not be embarrassed because the main thing in the card is its plot, drawing. In modern Tarot, the differences in drawing different decks are usually not too large, so our interpretations fit any of them.

Where these differences are significant, we present the corresponding variants of interpretation.

In the old days from the Small Arcana of the Tarot, only figure cards and aces were supplied with drawings. Drawings to simple maps appeared later.

Having become from the conditional iconographic, the drawings of the Minors facilitated their intuitive understanding, and thus divination. Therefore, in our interpretations we limit ourselves to a brief explanation in order to push the intuition of the diviner in the right direction.

Those who are not yet accustomed to relying on intuition can take advantage of Etailla’s practical advice given in the most recent section.

From the figure cards of the Small Arcana, you can choose a card symbolizing this or that person. Such a card is called “blank” or “significator”.

When fortune-telling by the Elders and Junior Arkans together (or only by the Minors), it is useful to remember this card or put it in the unfolded ones.

In the alignment of Tarot cards, figure cards are easier to take as an indication of any specific individuals on whom the decision of your question or the further development of the situation depends. In the upright position, they usually point to those who favor or help the questioner, upside down — to those who hinder or plot something against him.

To find out more precisely what role this person plays in this situation, I prefer to draw out a comment, that is, a story (numerical) map, to his map.

The interpretations indicate which person this or that figure card can correspond to. As for sex and age, the Jack (he is Page or Messenger) usually corresponds to a child or a youth, Knight (Cavalier, he is a Horseman) — to a young man who has not yet reached a stable position in life, that is, most often between the ages of twenty and thirty years.

The queen (Dame, Sibyl) most often corresponds to a woman, although this may be a person who performs some subordinate or secondary function — for example, a deputy director.

The king, he is Pharaoh, corresponds to a mature, influential or respected person — the father of the family, the head of the company, a recognized specialist, that is, as a rule, a person after thirty.

It should also be borne in mind that the “boundaries” between these ages are conditional; in addition, the Queen can mean a man, like a Knight or Jack — a woman.

The figure cards have their own mystical or fortunate interpretations, that is, they can be considered as an indication of certain circumstances and events. We also bring them.

It’s up to you intuitively to choose which interpretation is better suited to this case.

Each Junior card has its own calendar value, i.e. can answer the question when the event of interest will occur. There are also several systems of “binding” Tarot cards to certain segments of the zodiacal circle (months, years, etc.); we chose the most common, but you can use any other if you want.

Or simply apply the “Calendar” layout of the Tarot cards.

Consider simple interpretations of the minor arcana tarot:

Wands (air)

Card name Keywords
Ace of wands New origins; new period of life.
2 wands Related willpower and energy.
3 wands Planning phase; partnership.
4 wands Happiness; respite; success.
5 wands Obstacles; resistance.
6 wands Success after hard work.
7 wands Difficulties; competition.
8 wands Motion; urgency.
9 wands Pause.
10 wands Wrestling; lesion.
Page of wands Important news; foreign countries.
Knight of wands Sudden changes.
Queen of Wands Receiving awards; social events.
King of Wands Ambition; authority.

Swords (fire)

Card name Keywords
Ace of Swords Solutions; activity.
2 swords Tense environment; indecision.
3 swords Confusion of feelings.
4 swords Relaxation; pause.
5 swords Slander; dispute; failures.
6 swords Trips; difficult decisions.
7 swords Bad feelings; tracking
8 swords Restriction; fear.
9 swords Great sadness; the loss.
10 swords A crisis; Hard times.
Page of swords Impulsiveness; hard times.
Knight of Swords Failure; the pursuit.
Queen of Swords Learning lessons; manipulation.
King of swords Resistance; loyalty to the law.

Card name Keywords
Ace of bowls Joy; productive time.
2 bowls Love; friendship; commitment.
3 bowls Well-being; success.
4 bowls Old memories; discontent.
5 bowls Unpleasant events.
6 bowls Meetings; unexpected gifts.
7 bowls Dreams; a responsibility.
8 bowls Insufficient discipline.
9 bowls Fulfillment of desires.
10 bowls Goals achieved; satisfaction.
Page of bowls Love message
Knight bowls Suddenly favorable times.
Queen of bowls Strong supersensual emotions.
King of bowls A feeling of insecurity.

Coins (land)

Card name Keywords
Ace of coins Material success.
2 coins Achieving harmony through change.
3 coins Useful abilities; satisfaction.
4 coins Greed.
5 coins The loss; unpleasant discussions.
6 coins Honored reward.
7 coins Care; inhibition of progress.
8 coins New abilities; new opportunities.
9 coins Joyous loneliness.
10 coins Own; a business.
Page of coins Cash News.
Knight of coins Profit and loss.
Queen of coins Future plans.
King of coins Commercial and financial success.

Consider numbered maps of junior arcane.

Aces are the most powerful number cards.

Ace of Wands symbolizes the birth or emergence of the idea of ​​any enterprise, plan, goal. You are full of energy and enthusiasm, full of initiative.

Inverted — the implementation of new ideas may encounter difficulties or interference. Should beware of manifestations of selfishness, excessive quibbles.

Ace bowl — a symbol of beginnings in heart matters. It is about emotional growth, the emergence of a new love or the emergence of a new path in love relationships.

The main meaning is comprehending oneself, coming to the understanding of relatives.

Inverted — you are either not able to surrender to the will of your feelings, or too selfish in their manifestation.

Full value of all Tarot cards of the Junior Arcane

Ace of Swords — speaks of power and might, radiates indomitable force. You will win, but only because of the triumph of reason over matter and severe discipline.

To achieve this goal, do not resort to violent measures, take prudence and sincerity of motives.

Inverted — is in the younger lasso of the Tarot piercing sword, which is not a victory, but a threat.

You are under pressure, burdened with intractable problems.

Ace of Pentacles — indicates purely material, practical matters. Knowledge and patience will bring worthy results.

The card symbolizes stability, new acquisitions.

Inverted — says that the situation in your mind is not allowed to become a reality. Promising failure at work, in money matters.

Full value of all Tarot cards of the Junior Arcane

Twos — the motive of balance.

Two Wands — Indicates a balance between previously achieved success and the specific intentions of new enterprises. The new goal is filled for you with deep meaning, you see in it your destiny, the realization of yourself as a person.

Inverted — says about the sincerity of intentions, but the potential may not be realized, or the plans do not bring the desired results. Complete disappointment.

Deuce Bowls — Indicates shared feelings, friendship, companionship or love, in which there is a balance between mind and emotions. May indicate an important conversation, reciprocity in the expression of feelings.

Inverted — disputes and serious disagreements.

The charm of love fades, and in return comes irritation and hatred.

Excessive emotions and selfishness lead to imbalance in relationships.

Two Swords — inaction. In an effort to restore lost harmony, you hesitate in making decisions.

Inverted — the decision was made, but not by you: it is most likely that circumstances decided everything. How true it was, you can find out by looking at the maps showing the future.

Two Pentakley — There is no end to change. Go about your business, you must constantly be prepared for the vicissitudes of fate. It remains only to go with the flow of life.

It requires flexibility and ability to adapt to change.

Inverted — you hardly make your way through the flow of change, facing inertia and opposition. Obstacles seem insurmountable.

Full value of all Tarot cards of the Junior Arcane

Troika — the theme of growth.

Troika Rods — indicates in the younger lasso Taro the successful development of the conceived enterprise. Growth, positive development, well-being.

Inverted — Idol overthrown from the pedestal. Intentions do not bring the expected results.

You grab a lot of things at once, but do not bring anything to the end.

Troika Bowl — happy completion of something, growing love. Successes in learning, promotion, etc. You find the expression of your natural abilities and talents.

Inverted — an unlucky ending. The clouds are gathering.

Your excessive attachment to pleasure will lead to troubles and health problems. Often a map indicates the existence of a love triangle.

Full value of all Tarot cards of the Junior Arcane

Troika of Swords — one of the most dramatic cards — a map of separation and divorce. A deep heart wound has been inflicted on your emotional nature. Now in your life the decisive moment — you have to give up something to give a place to the new.

Inverted — the interpretation is the same as in the direct.

Three Pentacles — a symbol of growth in professional activities, the development of innate abilities. It is evidence of gaining mastery in the chosen field, promotion, recognition.

Inverted — indicates half-power work or mediocrity of the level of professional skill.

You put too little effort, and your talents are rather ordinary.

Full value of all Tarot cards of the Junior Arcane

Four of Rods — harmony map. Indicates successful implementation of ideas and finding peace and confidence in the future.

All your efforts are rewarded.

Inverted — interpretation is similar to direct meaning. This is a card of rest, success, completion of affairs.

Conceived enterprise will be crowned with victory.

Four Bowl — A map of thought, not action. Now it is better to isolate yourself from the world, to hide in your shell.

You had a chance to think about your lifestyle, financial position, work.

Inverted — you return to the world, open up to meet people, ready to embark on new adventures. Coming appearance of new, reliable connections.

Full value of all Tarot cards of the Junior Arcane

Four of Swords — you need a break, recuperation. Take time out.

Usually this card appears when a person has fallen into a difficult position and knows that the problem is still far from being resolved.

Inverted — you can again begin to actively and aggressively act, but first, be sure to think it over.

Perhaps the renewal of old ties.

Four of Pentacles — This is a map of a stable financial situation, full control over the situation. Discipline and organization bring you financial wealth.

You follow the motto: “Money is power!” Often indicates the owner’s expressed instinct.

Inverted — the exact opposite of the direct value. Loss of control over the situation, loss of financial stability due to their own carelessness.

Money flows away unknown where. The feeling of complete impotence.

Full value of all Tarot cards of the Junior Arcane

Fives — the number of changes, drama, the collapse of stability achieved in fours.

The Five of Wands — merciless rivalry, discord, enmity. Conflicts with others due to differences of opinion.

You will have to stand up for yourself. Often means inner struggle.

Inverted — the kingdom of peace and harmony. Everything will change for the better, but for this you will have to give up some old habits.

The map indicates excellent physical fitness and sports.

Five Bowls — says about the loss. Perhaps the collapse of love, marriage, the disintegration of the family.

Humble, look around and try to focus on what is left.

Inverted — foreshadows the birth of hope. You will regain confidence in yourself.

A return from an important person to you is possible.

Full value of all Tarot cards of the Junior Arcane

Five of Swords — points to the backstage struggle, to the fact that you want to resort to unworthy ways of achieving your goal and realizing the desire to by all means defeat your opponent. But remember that you yourself can fall victim to intrigue.

Inverted — the value is almost the same as in the straight position. Map of defeats and losses.

Someone else will win, not you.

Five Pentacles — a poverty map in the younger lasso of the Tarot. Indicates loneliness and depression, spiritual emptiness. You are waiting for extremely unpleasant changes.

Loss of faith in the future and complete hopelessness.

Inverted — the card partly loses its negative value. Faint glimpses of optimism and faith in life appear in the soul.

Begins a way out of the financial crisis.

Full value of all Tarot cards of the Junior Arcane

Six — balance, restoration of former harmony.

Six of Rods — a card of success and rewards for the efforts and hard work. You come out the winner of all the trials and conflicts.

Now you are reaping the fruits of your perseverance.

Inverted is the “always second” card. Predicts the loss, failure or victory of another person.

Six Bowl — symbolizes the beautiful memories of the past. Restoring harmony in the family and love affairs.

Soon you will have another good chance. Often indicates the celebration of a round date — anniversary, birthday, etc. Also says that you will finally create yourself a happy home.

Inverted — it’s time for you to stop torturing yourself with sad memories of the past, start living for today. Discard some of the old affairs and habits, you have long grown out of them.

Full value of all Tarot cards of the Junior Arcane

Six of Swords — means a change of views, the development of new views. You leave problems behind and just get away from trouble.

Sometimes the map indicates physical changes — for example, a change of residence.

Inverted — you will not be able to escape from difficulties, or isolate from problems. The only way out is to try to change your attitude towards the world around.

Six Pentacles — material balance and prosperity. But do not forget to share with others, do not be mean.

In business, act without the slightest fear — everything will work out. As a result, firstly, you will be financially rewarded financially, and secondly — you will receive personal satisfaction from helping your neighbors.

Inverted — you do not get what you deserve: faced with financial fraud, extortion, unfair sharing of money.

Full value of all Tarot cards of the Junior Arcane

Sevens — a symbol of the completion of a cycle.

Seven of Wands — confrontation. The card foreshadows controversy, rivalry, struggle. You will have to face a difficult situation.

But you selflessly defend your position, idea, goal.

Inverted — you are in difficult circumstances, but the conflict does not flare up, and the expected disputes and disagreements will not spill out.

Seven Bowls — your motives and aspirations are incomprehensible even to you.

You are in turmoil and indecision, you can not choose the path to follow and understand your desires. The struggle between the spiritual and material.

Perhaps you are escaping from reality into the world of illusions with the help of alcohol, TV or books.

Inverted — you made a good choice, set new goals for yourself and strive to achieve them. You are determined to win.

Full value of all Tarot cards of the Junior Arcane

Seven of Swords — Indicates a betrayal of himself, says that by your actions you are doing great harm to yourself. In pursuit of material you lose your soul.

And battles and difficulties await you again.

Inverted — a map of apologies and potential opportunities. You will be given back what you have taken, and your efforts will receive a proper assessment.

But it is worth listening to the advice of others.

Seven Pentacles — feeling of failure and dissatisfaction. You worked without sparing your strength, and it bore fruit, but the results you achieved are not at all encouraging, your interest in the goal has completely disappeared.

The map, both directly and in the opposite position, speaks of health problems.

Inverted — indicates monetary difficulties, debts. All your efforts almost went to pieces.

Ahead is emptiness and loss.

Full value of all Tarot cards of the Junior Arcane

Eights — balance, success, power.

Eight of Wands — travel map. Speaks about the rapid progress and results, the absence of interference on the way.

Destiny gives you the green light. You are striving towards your goal with full dedication — and its achievement is already very close.

Inverted — obstacles, struggle, attempts to solve the problem that concerns you by force. But do not force events, otherwise the results will be exactly the opposite.

There may be problems in the journey.

Eight Bowl — means the loss, change or abandonment of power. Having experienced frustration in the bustle of public life and material values, you make a choice in favor of further self-improvement.

The card also indicates disappointment in love, a loved one, or family matters.

Inverted — social life card, speaks of enjoying all the benefits of life — love, friendship, communication, parties. Everything is wonderful and brings only joy.

Perhaps the birth of a new love.

Full value of all Tarot cards of the Junior Arcane

Eight of Swords — indicates the feeling of lack of freedom. You allow others to interfere in their affairs, are afraid to take a certain position, speak in their defense or make their own decisions.

Inverted — you escaped from the cage, thoughts become clearer, someone else’s influence weakens, you are given complete freedom of action. There is a real way out of the problem situation.

Eight Pentacles — symbolizes in the junior lasso of the Tarot, hard work on something, diligence in apprenticeship. You open up opportunities for self-knowledge, training or study.

You make every effort to master the chosen craft. The card also represents the growth of material stability.

Inverted — external and internal circumstances hinder progress towards the goal. It symbolizes discord in the system of ethical values ​​and, as a result, the use of illegal methods in their affairs.

Lack of diligence in work.

Full value of all Tarot cards of the Junior Arcane

Nines — the number of success and achievements.

Nine of wands — map of defense.

You are defending the once conquered territories (at work, at home, your reputation).

Be on your guard, old obstacles may appear, renewed interrupted struggles.

Inverted — means weakness and inability to stand up for themselves and their rights. You were taken by surprise and now the main thing is to be alert and ready for any surprises.

Nine Bowl — map of the fulfillment of desires, «women», «songs» and «wine»; foreshadows a pleasant pastime. You are in good health, financial well-being, enjoying life and not losing your sense of proportion.

Inverted — you will suffer cruel disappointment. Excessive addiction to pleasure will lead to financial problems and impaired health.

You spun in a whirlwind of unbridled pleasures.

Full value of all Tarot cards of the Junior Arcane

Nine of Swords — Above you threatened disaster. You experience cruel spiritual anguish — feelings of guilt, depression, anxiety, horror, and confusion and self-loathing are born from this confusion.

Inverted — the map alleviates the pain of the direct meaning.

New hope will help to recover from their experiences.

Have patience, soon things will change for the better.

Nine Pentacles — you have worked hard, and as a result of your efforts, you now have financial gains, increased prosperity, stability and independence. You are confident in your own abilities, know how to make the right choice and bring the job started to the end.

Inverted — means the loss and deprivation in your question. Rough, hasty and even stupid actions are possible if you neglect common sense and ignore your inner voice.

Full value of all Tarot cards of the Junior Arcane

Dozens — carriers of the idea of ​​completing, ending or resolving a situation

Ten of Wands — You are oppressed by an unbearable burden, the burden of work and responsibility. Thoughts are not realized due to excessive diligence, you bit off more than you can swallow.

This is a card of failure — someone else’s will prevail over you.

Inverted — also a defeat card. You may be the victim of someone’s evil will or, on the contrary, you are now rushing to the goal, stepping over your heads.

Ten cups — Satisfaction card in family affairs — harmony and true love. Peace brings satisfaction and fulfillment of desires.

Inverted — means a fleeting relationship, discontent, quarrels with others, breaking friendship ties, family and marital quarrels.

Full value of all Tarot cards of the Junior Arcane

Ten of Swords — testifies to a complete collapse and disaster. The battle is lost.

Plans and plans collapsed. And all your efforts were in vain.

Inverted — says that perhaps all is not lost. Difficulties gradually subside, the first ray of hope flashed.

Ten Pentacles — wealth card. Symbolizes a well-established position. Foreshadows stability and success in any situation.

It also speaks of the transition from one life stage to another (single — marries, unemployed — finds work, etc.).

Inverted — indicates instability in family and financial affairs. Avoid all sorts of financial risk.

Your reputation may be at stake.

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