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Page Tarot Pentacles — the value of the card

The map shows a young man holding a pentacle. His whole appearance reflects admiration for the world around him.

He stands on a beautiful meadow, and in the distance one can see hills and trees. But the young man is fully focused on the contemplation of the coin, therefore, it is unlikely that he notices the natural beauty.

Page Pentacles Tarot

Page Tarot Pentacles - the value of the card Page Tarot Pentacles - the value of the card

The value of the card Page of Pentacles in the straight position

In the direct position of Page Pentacles, most often, portends small cash receipts. Sometimes it appears in the set before receiving important news in writing.

For young boys and girls, Page The Pentacles may symbolize their desire to learn, or indicates that the time has come to start living independently.

The overall interpretation of this card is related to the urge to action. During this period, fate itself provides a chance to begin to successfully move towards the goal. This lasso emphasizes a person’s attention to the fact that in life there is an opportunity to climb the career ladder and earn a lot of money.

But for this you need to improve, and be sure to develop an intuition that will help make the right decisions.

This card focuses attention on what is necessary and, as soon as possible, discover your natural talents.

In other areas, the Page of Pentacles may mean the following:

  • In matters of health, you need to be more attentive to yourself. If there are any suspicions of trouble, it is better to undergo a full examination. But, as a rule, all problems will help to solve regular sports.
  • In personal life, this card emphasizes human sensuality. And if the Page of the Cups fell out next to each other, then the person is a dreamer and idealizes his relationship with a partner.
  • In the business sphere, success can be achieved only by doing practical work. In addition, the map indicates that there is a period in life that lays the foundation for future well-being.

This card represents a young man with the soul of a child who still has a lot to learn in life. In addition, the Page of Pentacles may indicate that there are many gifted people around the person.

The value of the card Page Pentacles upside down

In the inverted position, Page Pentacle foreshadows receiving bad news. Also, such a card may indicate that a person in real life will have to face bureaucratic red tape.

With a high degree of probability, various delays of various affairs and activities may occur.

Very often, Page Pentacle in such a position warns of the threat that looms over human finances. As a rule, in this life situation, the guesser himself is guilty.

He commits illogical actions and makes rash decisions.

In various areas of human life, the map may indicate the following:

  • In the health sector, there will be a marked deterioration in the general condition, which, in most cases, is associated with depression. Perhaps, due to overwork, the body is very depleted, so a full rest is required. Sometimes a map can foreshadow children’s illnesses.
  • In personal life, no changes are planned, but at the same time the relationship with a partner was filled with routine and became habitual. Sometimes Page Pentacles indicates that the partners do not respect each other and are near only out of habit.
  • In the business sphere a person can make a lot of mistakes, for which he will have to pay.

This card represents a person who is in the clouds. Such a person is never considered with real facts and it is very difficult to find a common language with him.

The Page of Pentakley emphasizes the attention of the divine that he is surrounded by selfish people who do not lend a helping hand in a difficult moment.

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