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Tarot cards for the future

The layouts for fortune telling on Tarot cards (as well as on Lenormand cards, on runes and various other fortune-telling characters) are known in great numbers. We will try some of the tarot cards for the future in order to, first, pick up several hand layouts that will then become your working hand cards. Secondly, in order to learn how to choose the alignment of Tarot cards that are best suited for this particular problem.

And, thirdly, to understand the very principle of drawing up layouts on tarot cards and then start inventing them yourself, because the best alignment of tarot cards is always your own.

Different problems require, of course, different maps. If you just want to “get acquainted” with a person — find out what he is, what interests him, what are his plans for the near future, it’s better to use some general alignment of cards, a card horoscope, so to speak, for which you don’t need formulate specific questions, taking, for example, the Twelve Houses in one way or another, or the Celtic Cross of ten cards.

The same applies to the situation causing you fear, to the fate of the company, city, country and other public entities.

When it comes to a specific issue, then the main role is played by the wording. The more precisely the question is formulated, the more accurate the answer will be. As a rule, cards do not answer general questions like “what will happen to me?” Or, more precisely, they answer, but these answers are too ambiguous, and you need a lot of experience to understand them.

Therefore, it is always easier and more reliable to divide such a question into parts, for example: 1) What expects me in the field of personal relationships in the next month? 2) And a month later?

3) And in the field of work? 4) What about money? — etc.

Accordingly, the alignment of the Tarot cards is also chosen: for simple questions, you can get along with a couple of cards, or even a single card, for more complex questions you need more layouts — from five, ten or even twenty cards.

Gypsy alignment on the Tarot

Another alignment of Tarot cards for the future, which can be performed on the Elder Arcanas, is called the Gypsy Tarot Map in literature, although I did not see it in Gypsies.

lay out the gypsy tarot so:

Tarot cards for the future

  • Your «I».
  • What (or who) loves you?
  • What (or who) is killing you.
  • What (or who) teaches you?
  • What (or who) torments you?
  • What awaits you.
  • What will not go away.

And let us read the same singer, the most popularly beloved. If you think that several singers are worthy of this title, you can safely attribute this alignment of Tarot cards to any of them, because they really have a lot in common.

So, the cards fell out: 1 — the High Priest, 2 — the Priestess, 3 — Peace, 4 — Strength, 5 — Wheel of Fortune, 6 — Magician and 7 — Tower. The high priest in the position of personality (1) means that our singer feels herself the head, mentor and benefactor of not only her family, team, clan, but also her listeners and spectators: they love her, oddly enough, still more women than men , since in position 2 we have the Priestess.

The priestess here, however, also indicates a subtle intuition and feminine charm.

But that it “destroys”, that is, it acts badly on the state of health and mood, so this is the map of the World in position 3.

The card itself is excellent, but the position failed: success, yes, and everything attached to it is also evident, but: “My God, how tired I am!” Her wish, she would never have appeared on the stage. What helps her to hold on? The map of the Force in position 4: the person is uncommon, strong, aware of his charm and able to use it.

And — a sense of responsibility to «their» (both households and spectators). “What is tormenting you?” (Position 5). Wheel of Fortune: uncertainty about tomorrow, that is, the constant need to “spin”, negotiate all new concerts, new tours, and this is when you want to just relax somewhere in the forest or by the sea, and not even listen to the radio. “What awaits you”, that is, a forecast for the future (6): A magician, a symbol of a person who not only knows how much, but also knows that he always has a choice.

Maybe it is this consciousness of inner freedom of choice (“I can always leave”) that helps the singer to cope with difficulties (Tower, position 7), which was and still will be many: now and then something “collapses” “collapses” and only the second value of the Tower map, the constant updating, allows it to move constantly forward, stepping over the debris, towards the future.

When such a character trait refers to the unchanged (the position “that will not go away”), it helps a lot in life.

The alignment of tarot compatibility

There is a very simple alignment of Tarot cards for the future and compatibility, which allows you to quickly find out “whether a man and a woman fit each other”, as they often ask, but in fact — what features of the character of the other should be taken into account if possible to avoid conflicts. Or, if we are talking about family discord in an already established couple, then find out what the reasons for the discord are and how to fix everything.

Although, of course, it can be purely business compatibility, for example, between the CEO and the president of the company.

Tarot cards for the future

The maps are arranged in three levels: physical, astral, mental, or body (pair 1-4), soul (pair 2-5), mind (pair 3-6). By tradition, the cards in the layout Compatibility are laid out from the bottom up, and on the right we have a woman, on the left a man.

Although this is again not necessary, you can lay out as you like.

Let’s check one famous couple who pleases the viewers with their charm — that’s who, probably, all is well!

But we will see.

On the physical plane, he is all right — the Master card in position 4 (hoo, what a man), but her problem is in position 1 Death card. No, no, God forbid, this is not about death in the literal sense!

This card means “change”, that is, in this case, maybe the baby is on the way (death and birth are two sides of the same coin), malaise or fatigue is purely physical, the need for rest. I remind you that for the existing pair, this alignment of Tarot for compatibility means the state “for now”, that is, for no more than two months — for three, and then the situation will change.

On the astral plane (soul, emotions), he is now in a period of creative growth, successful fulfillment of old plans and drawing up new plans (Court, position 5), and she again has changes (Carriage, position 2), perhaps — the search for new forms of expression and creative communication. And finally, on the mental plane (mind, thoughts) everything is just brilliant, since the World card is in position 6, one of the best cards in the deck: this card not only confirms “the rise of creative thought”, but also shows that understands the present state of her partner perfectly and tries to help her as much as she can.

And now she needs help and love very much: a map of the Lovers in her “head” position (3) shows that she thinks about this a lot and often.

But Lovers are also a creative card, so TV viewers need not worry: our couple is not going to leave the screen.

Fifteen Tarot Cards

The method of this fortune-telling on the Tarot cards for the future was proposed by the American fortuneteller Venzelle Brown (“How to predict the fate of cards”. New York 1971).

It is better for him to use Junior Arcana. The author himself believes that the questioner himself should shuffle and choose the cards, the fortuneteller should only arrange and interpret them. However, as mentioned above, fortune telling is not the main thing. the cards are laid out in the following order:

Tarot cards for the future

Details of the cards in 12 Tarot houses are described as follows:

  • 1, 2 and 3 — the identity of the questioner, the nature of his problems, the situation in which he was in the moment;
  • 4, 8 and 12 — the natural course of events, if the questioner does not affect him in any way;
  • 5, 9 and 13 — an alternative course of events, possible if the questioner himself makes an effort;
  • 7, 11 and 15 — forces that do not depend on the questioner, but act on him; he cannot overcome them, so it is better for him to adapt to them.

Nine Tarot Cards

This method was proposed by the girl Lenormand (1772-1843), a famous French writer and fortune teller. To use it, we will use the Junior cards.

First, a blank is chosen, which is also a significator, and is placed in the middle (in the diagram below under the number zero). Then the cards are shuffled and laid out in the following order:

Tarot cards for the future

Chakra Divination

The chakras, in the understanding of the Indians, are energy centers, “life energy converters”, located in the spine, but not in the physical, but in the etheric body of a person. There are seven of them; they open gradually, starting from the lowest, during the maturation of a person from child to adult.

For fortune telling on the chakras, seven Elder cards are taken and laid out one by one from the bottom up.

  • The first, sa lower chakra, is called muladhara; it is associated with the construction and reproduction of the temple of our body, with the sense of smell and the elements of the earth.
  • The second, swadhisthana, personifies the attitude towards other human bodies (sex); it corresponds to the sense of taste and the elements of water.
  • The third, manipura, is an important center for the exchange of energy with other people; it personifies light and heat, the sense of sight and the element of fire.
  • The fourth, anahata, is the heart chakra. This is the spiritual side of love, sympathy, empathy for others. It is associated with breathing and the elements of air.
  • The fifth, vishuddha, is associated with the concept of space; it denotes creative power, self-expression. It corresponds to the sense of hearing and the kingdom of sounds. Her element is ether, the quintessence of the four basic elements of fire, water, air and earth.
  • The sixth, ajna, is the “third eye,” the capacity for spiritual vision, intuition. It is associated with the concept of time and the realm of images (thinking).
  • And finally, the seventh chakra, sahasrar, is the crown of being, the higher consciousness, the planetary mind.

Russian way of fortune telling on 36 maps

Gypsies and other people in Russia have been wondering on ordinary “Russian” cards for more than two hundred years. Usually they take 32 (without six) or 36 (with six).

It is clear that the 56 cards of the Small Arcana of the Tarot, in this case, compare favorably with the usual ones, for they give much more information. There are many ways of Russian divination; one of them is this.

A card is selected that matches the type of person they are guessing on. Since in our deck there are not kings and queens, but other pieces, the principles for choosing this card will also be somewhat different.

Some of them have already been described above; More information about the characteristics of the Messengers, Riders, Sibyl and the Pharaohs can be found in the commentary to them.

The selected card in the Russian divination is placed in the middle. Then the whole deck is roughly divided into four parts and is expanded around this card into four piles:

Then another 7 cards are placed in a clockwise direction in the “additional cross”.

Then another 7 cards are placed in a clockwise direction in the “additional cross”.

Then another 7 cards are placed in a clockwise direction in the “additional cross”.

Then one card is placed on the center (0): “What is in the heart,” and another one is put under it: “What is under the heart” (which the person has concealed). Further, all Russian divination cards are collected and laid out in turn, and pairs are thrown from the alignment (nines, Messengers, etc.)

The rest is interpreted as a characteristic of a person’s personality.

After that, the card data is left and the remaining pile is taken, laid out into six groups:

  • for you,
  • for home,
  • for heart,
  • what happened,
  • What will happen,
  • how it will end.

In the last group of the card is placed only once.

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