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Tarot Carriage — Card Value

The map shows a man sitting in a wagon, in which two sphinx are harnessed: white and black. The charioteer symbolizes the mind as the guiding force of all life actions. He has a crown decorated with a star on his head, and a scepter in his right hand.

Sphinxes on the map symbolize active energy and a mode of action based on strength, power, and dexterity. In the hands of the charioteer there is no reins, and it emphasizes that the methods of controlling the feelings of a person in nature do not exist.

But you need to be able to manage your emotions in order to follow the chosen path.

Tarot Carriage

Tarot Carriage - Card Value Tarot Carriage - Card Value

The value of the carriage in the upright position

Map The carriage in a straight position symbolizes life luck and a positive breakthrough. She points out that fate has opened up ways for a person to achieve his goals and he has the strength to move confidently towards them. The wagon emphasizes that a person can emerge victorious from the most difficult situations and plunge his enemies.

But on the other hand, the card advises not to overestimate their own strength and to measure their own capabilities with the assigned tasks.

The map indicates that the person has already gained enough experience in life and can apply it in all spheres of life. Very often, this card is a harbinger of long journeys.

Despite the fact that the cart is a symbol of struggle, the card suggests that everything will be resolved successfully. So:

  • In the field of health is not all right. Diseases, surgeries and injuries may haunt a person, but they will all end in a successful outcome and there will be a full recovery without any negative consequences;
  • In the sphere of personal relations, serious quarrels and disagreements are outlined, but thanks to the mind it will be possible to find the necessary compromises and maintain stable relations. In addition, the card can be a harbinger of a rash act at first glance, which, later, will breathe new feelings into a relationship with your loved one;
  • In the working sphere comes the acute period of struggle with competitors. But all disputes will be resolved positively and there is a very high probability of moving up the career ladder.

The wagon calls for doing what the heart prompts, because the time has come to part with the past and begin to actively act. The card personifies a person who is not afraid of life difficulties.

Such people are courageous and curious, but sometimes a little bit of a conflict, so they do not always get along in a team. A distinctive feature of the nature of such people is increased efficiency.

Very often they choose military professions, become travelers or professional drivers.

The value of the map The cart in an inverted position

In the inverted position, the map The cart symbolizes the uncontrollability of the life situation. The card foreshadows defeat and making rash wrong decisions.

She can emphasize the fact that all events taking place in life are prescribed by fate itself and there is no possibility to control them or control them. This card foreshadows a series of endless conflicts and quarrels that will haunt a person in reality. And very often the situation will unfold in such a way that competitors will be stronger.

Very often a person can lose by virtue of his own conservatism and dogma. During this period, it is necessary to solve very complex tasks, therefore the risk of failure is very large.

A wagon in an inverted position encourages a person to stop and look around. It is important to find time to analyze the situation in real life.

The wrong path may be chosen and still be corrected. In some hands, the card symbolizes stagnation in all spheres of human activity.

In particular:

  • In the field of health, the card warns of a possible exacerbation of existing chronic diseases. As if the crisis at this point is not observed, but the disease periodically reminds of itself;
  • It’s quite difficult to form a personal relationship during this period. They are characterized by uncertainty and can simply stand still. In order not to provoke a break, one should try to avoid conflicts;
  • In the business field, the card warns of the emergence of strong competitors. Therefore, in order not to lose, you should not go into the fight with them. The map in the scenario emphasizes a person’s attention to the fact that in real life during this period one cannot begin new projects.

This card symbolizes a person who is accustomed to act at random, not relying either on his own experience or listening to his own intuition. As a rule, such a person is distinguished by an impulsive temper and has bad habits.

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