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Tarot Queen of Swords

When it comes to the card Queen of Swords Tarot — the value usually lies in the emotional state of the fortune-teller or the representation of some person from his life, usually a woman. However, if one considers the detailed meaning of the card, one can find many opportunities for interpretation.

Tarot Queen of Swords — value cards

Tarot Queen of Swords in a straight position usually means clarifying nontrivial questions or getting accurate answers. What was secret will be revealed. Now you will know everything about the situation or the question that was asked to tarot cards during divination.

The Queen of Swords often points to acquaintances of a fortunate woman than to certain situations and incidents, however, this can be.

Tarot Queen of SwordsDame of Swords Tarot also means complete control over the situation, own emotions and people who are involved in what is happening. As a rule, this leads to success in what was conceived by guessing if it is a question of a case in which such methods are applicable.

In addition, she may say that the fortune-teller experienced some grief, and at the present moment his mind is stifled by emotions.

In a short time he will be able to transform grief into a certain life experience.

The Queen of Swords can give a hint — solve the problem with the help of the capabilities of her mind, with her help strive for independence. She talks about the awakening of consciousness, the desire for freedom and the desire to continue learning.

Upside down This card means the desire for excessive control. Guessing goes too far, and this leads to loss of control, which is quite the opposite of the desired phenomenon.

Such an approach can only lead to deprivations and losses associated with the conceived.

If it falls out inverted Dame of Swords, this may indicate that your abilities are used to the detriment of others. You are deceptive, have all the necessary knowledge to hurt people.

In addition, another meaning of the Tarot Queen of Swords card is actions to the detriment of a fortunate woman who is hostile to him.

Queen of Swords Tarot — the value in the layouts on the affairs and work

Tarot Queen of SwordsThe value of the Ladies of the Swords of the Tarot in the layouts to work is the ability to look with open eyes.

Be ready to learn new skills, get new experience. Continuous learning is one of the important success factors.

Thoughtful behavior and quick reaction will become good helpers in the work of a fortuneteller. During business negotiations, communication with superiors and colleagues, he should remain flexible, but remain independent.

In addition, this card indicates the need to value their freedom and the ability to appreciate themselves. These are absolutely not those things which can be exchanged for prestige or material benefits.

The queen hints that if the conditions of the corporation have ceased to be a guessing, new options or interesting proposals have appeared — it’s time to make a choice towards new opportunities.

Upside down the consequences of cheating a certain woman or disrespectful attitude towards her are possible. The conflict with a high-ranking lady, who considers it necessary to seriously harm a guessing person, is also likely.

She can act explicitly, or she can prefer to keep her anger secret.

Tarot Queen of Swords — meaning in a relationship

Tarot Queen of SwordsSignificance in the relationship of the Queen of Swords Tarot is mainly in rethinking its role in the union between a man and a woman, as well as an analysis of relationships.

Guessing is in a state of reflection.

He tries to understand what exactly he does not like in this relationship in question. This is usually an attempt to look at relationships from the outside, but it may be harmful to involve third parties in this process.

Currently, there is a period in which both parties need equality and strive for it. Guessing finds inner freedom and begins to act more decisively. The card can talk about protest, which can be expressed in coldness and irony.

It shows that there is no longer any desire to endure.

However, it is not worth making hasty conclusions. Now your emotions are muffled by the mind — this is the period.

However, it will end, emotions will prevail, and the guessing person may regret what has been done. Inverted The Lady of Swords speaks of the selfishness of a partner who wishes to force you to do what is convenient for him, does not respect your feelings and you at the same time.

Dame of Swords of the Tarot — what personalities does she represent in divination

Tarot Queen of SwordsIn the tarot deck, the Queen of Swords sits on a throne in the clouds, in her hands is a sword and a severed head of a bearded man.

She is wearing only a sarong and a shiny belt.

Aleister Crowley wrote that in a prosperous environment this is a clever and observant lady who is distinguished by mercy. In the bad, its qualities are used to the detriment, it is dangerous, despite the superficial beauty.

The core meaning of the Tarot Queen of Swords is a woman who holds a strong position in life. She is a good spouse and mother, but may well be a widow, a divorced woman, and a career woman who did not bring children in and get married.

A lady is actively engaged not only in work, but also in public activities — she would be bored doing only housework. She enjoys honor and respect among those who know her.

She went through great grief, but it strengthened her character and willpower.

This woman has considerable experience in selected industries and she skillfully uses it. In order to get what she has, we had to spend a lot of effort, but they were worth it.

This lady is intelligent and independent, and can only advise to use logic and strive for self-sufficiency.

The card can mean the mother of a fortuneteller, and if there are several queens of different suits in the layout, this indicates an important meeting of women for him. Sometimes this card falls on men with female character traits and relatives with whom you have not communicated for a long time.

The negative side of this card, which is usually presented to her upside down — a cold and aloof lady who acts according to a strict calculation. She may have been previously deceived by the fortunetellers and feel a desire for revenge. However, this lady can be so vile in nature that antipathy is enough for action against a fortune-teller.

Sometimes it’s a gossip or envy that acts in secret.

Your secret enemy feels outlawed and never acts openly. She hurts behind the back of a fortune-teller, not too restricting herself in methods of revenge. Perhaps this lady was hardened after a heavy loss or difficult life circumstances.

Sometimes the card means a woman who regularly brings others around and does not deserve the trust of others.

If a inverted The Queen of Swords falls to a man; he should not start a romantic relationship with the implied card of a woman. If the alignment is made for a woman, she should be attentive to her girlfriends and female colleagues.

Queen of Swords and combinations in Tarot

Tarot Queen of SwordsAlmost all cards can change their values ​​somewhat, if we are talking about combinations of cards between them. The Queen of Swords and combinations in Tarot is a separate topic.

The meaning of this card can change greatly, and the alignment can become more accurate and understandable if the guessing person knows the significance of the combinations of this card with the rest.

So, with the lanyard of Jester, the Queen of Swords means a conscious rejection of motherhood or sterility. If the child is already there, he is not interested in the said person, her mother’s duties are on her mind.

The same will be the value of a combination of this card with the Arcane Empress.

When combined with the Queen of Swords Emperor value — divorce, the end of a relationship, a serious quarrel. With the Justice card, litigation and property division are added to this value.

With the lasso Tower, widowhood is also possible, but it can be a divorce, in which a woman personified by the Queen of Swords will not be easy.

Divorce can also be expected when combining this card with the King of Wands or the Four of Wands.

In general, the value of the Queen of Swords card is loneliness, self-sufficiency, independence, as well as sadness and complex life changes associated with losses. However, the appearance of this card in the scenario may also have a positive value, for example, the desire for independence and control over the situation.

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