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The alignment on the Tarot — Magic Square of Saturn

The square of Saturn is one of the oldest magic squares, it has three rows of three numbers, the sum of the numbers of the parties is 45, each side 15. The magic square of Saturn can be used to determine the course of any disease or outcome of the operation.

Saturn in astrology has an unkind glory. And it is used precisely to prophesy not the most pleasant periods in life and illness of patients.

Divination by the magic square of Saturn

The scheme of the magic square of Saturn is given in fig. 6. The numbers of the squares correspond to the card number taken from the deck and laid out in this box. For example, we take the Tarot deck of health, youth and beauty, shuffle it, give it a “touch” to the client, then we start to close the Arcana in a row.

In the first small cell we put the fourth Arkan deck on top, three Arkanas are placed under the bottom of the deck, then the score continues: we put the ninth Arkan out of the deck in the second small cell, the remaining eight, not shuffling, — under the deck — continuity cycle.

Then we put the second Arkan in the third cell from the top — and so on until the end.

The rest of the deck is laid in the leftmost position of the alignment field, in the DAAT position.

The alignment on the Tarot - Magic Square of Saturn

If necessary, after using the Tarot of Shadow deck, laying out, as always, two Arkanas from this deck to the unfavorable Senior Arkans Tarot decks of health, youth and beauty that fall into the square of Saturn.

Example: A question is asked by a middle-aged woman, tortured by doubts: she has to have an operation. She asks how the postoperative period will pass.

The first stage of Saturn’s magic square. Lined out Arcana in order of counting, without changing the order, lay out in one row.

He predicts the postoperative period in women. While on the cells of the square Arcana not spread.

Pos. 1. Page of the Wand.

Robin Bobin. Fat

Pos. 2. Arkan XIX. Dreams and dreams.

Sleep treatment.

Pos. 3. Arkan XVIII. «Living» water.


Pos. 4. Troika of the Wand.

Sour River. Starches and sugar.

Pos. 5. Nine Swords.

Healing the lame. Injury.

Pos. 6. Arkan IV. Overweight.


Pos. 7. The Five of Wand.

The vagaries of insulin.

Pos. 8. Ten Cup. The Eternal Bee.

All about honey and bee pollen.

Pos. 9. Lady Cup.

Goat Amalthea. All about milk.

We get a number of: PZh (fats), XIX (dreams, dreams), XVIII (urinotherapy), 3J (starches, sugar), DM (injuries), IV (overweight), 5Z (insulin), 10K (honey), DK ( milk).

It is clear that the lady is going to go to the operation of liposuction (removal of excess fat). The lady gained a lot of extra pounds while breastfeeding her baby (son).

The second stage of the layout of the magic square of Saturn. In the cells of the square of Saturn in the order of cell numbers lay Arcana.

The square takes the following form (Fig. 7).

Reading the outcome of the operation to remove excess fat (liposuction) is carried out in rows of a square from left to right, top to bottom.

The alignment on the Tarot - Magic Square of Saturn

  • The first row, the initial stage (pos. 4, 9, 2) is the Troika of the Wand, the Dame Cup, Arkan XIX. The operation must be performed under general anesthesia. The lady stopped feeding the baby, gaining excess weight, this is due to the imbalance of carbohydrate metabolism.
  • The second row (pos. 3, 5, 7) is Arkan XVIII, Nine of Sword, Five of Wand. The operation should be postponed, since during the operation there may be problems with insulin (borderline blood sugar level); stitches, scars will not grow together for a long time. This is fraught with complications. In addition, a woman can get rid of excess weight with the help of urinotherapy.
  • The third row (pos. 8, 1, 6) — Ten of the Cup, Page of the Wand, Arkan IV. It is possible to get rid of fats independently, without resorting to the help of a scalpel of the surgeon. During the operation possible complications caused by insulin metabolism. In addition, anesthesia itself is also very dangerous for this lady.

Tarologist Board: operation to postpone, try to get rid of excess weight, applying treatment with pollen and urinotherapy.

We use the Tarot of Shadow deck to “decode” Arkan XVIII (pos. 3). Arcana 38, Lady Pengerseik and 48, Yoe, fell out.

This again suggests that the lady (Lady Pengersvik) will cope with the problems herself by restoring her former weight: Arkan 48, Ioe — the return of the lost. Now you know how the magic square of Saturn works.

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