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10 years what a wedding, wedding anniversary 10 years as it is called

10 years what a wedding, wedding anniversary 10 years as it is called

When spouses come to this anniversary of their family life — a decade, this date marks a pink or tin wedding.

10 years — what a wedding

Pink wedding, in fact, tin. And they called her pink so that her husband would not forget to buy roses for his wife.

After all, not always the stronger sex is as romantic as a woman wishes, especially after 10 years of marriage.

Wedding anniversary 10 years

What is the name of 10 years from the date of marriage — a tin wedding, and this value, obtained over the years, and in ancient times in itself bears.

Tin wedding is called tin wedding due to the fact that more than 3,000 days and nights spent together teach the spouses to be together, to tune in to each other and to get around the sharp corners of life situations without scandals. Tin malleable. This is exactly what happens with the spouses over the years, precisely because of this, they managed to walk together up to the 10th anniversary of marriage.

The couple learned to live together, despite the black or white stripes, regardless of the mood and the weather outside the window.

Very often, at this point, spouses begin to understand each other at half-word, half-look.

How to celebrate 10 years of wedding

Ten years of wedding celebrate, as a rule, quite magnificently. They invite many of those who attended the wedding. Guests must come to the house with flowers, and the spouse must give his wife roses.

Tradition suggests that spouses and guests dance with flowers, holding them in their left hands. It is desirable to decorate the table with tin products, paying tribute to the tradition of the name of the holiday.

Thus, you will show the guests that your relationship has really become tin, they have already lost the characteristics of wool or glass.

An ideal place to celebrate a pink wedding will be a conversation entwined with bushes of climbing roses. So you will create the necessary mood and color of the wedding celebration, and you will also feel great in the fresh air with family and friends.

Children on this day are best also should keep a bunch of roses and dance with you.

Wedding scenario 10 years of living together, you can think of at your discretion, but be sure to use a lot of colors and make the festivities noisy and fun.

After all, your family has already become a truly “adult”, having survived many trials, including the test of time, which created the circle that will be present at your table on this day, as well as on the weekdays of your life.

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