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16 years old what a wedding, wedding anniversary 16 years as it is called

16 years old what a wedding, wedding anniversary 16 years as it is called

The due date is 16 years from the date of marriage — the date is special. Despite the fact that this date, as well as the one following it, is not accepted to celebrate with the guests, it has its own name — Topaz Wedding.

16 years old — what a wedding

Topaz wedding characterizes marriage as a stone, which is already difficult enough to break, at the same time, topaz is a beautiful and gentle stone, as well as having a mystical meaning and characteristics. In the depths of topaz, you can replace some of the turbidity and vague outlines, as in marriage, which has a slight degree of mystery and mystery.

Spouses in this period have already studied each other in the smallest detail, but, besides this, they learned to give each other up in controversial situations in order to maintain peace and quiet in the family. Children at this point have grown up, so family life is quiet and peaceful.

As a rule, marriages no longer boil passions, but home comfort has taken their place, which they will not want to replace with anything.

Wedding anniversary 16 years

What is the name of the 16th anniversary of the wedding — a topaz wedding, and such a union by this time were able to build a spouse with each other.

It is strong, but transparent and beautiful. And, in spite of the fact that it is better not to plan mass celebrations for a topaz wedding, but it is worth noting this date with each other.

From gifts, present each other jewelry and personal items with stone topaz.

How to celebrate 16 years of wedding

As a romantic entertainment, you should leave the children at home, and go together for a short walk, to the theater or to the restaurant, or to arrange a romantic candlelight dinner at home. No wedding script 16 years of marriage you do not need. Just spend time each other on this day.

Do not arrange a holiday for a huge number of guests. But if you still want to celebrate your anniversary with friends, then ask for something useful in the household as a gift, it is not necessary that the gift be expensive and too valuable.

Best on this day to give household appliances — kettle, mixer, coffee maker perfectly cope with this role. But give each other some pleasant trifles, stylish accessories or decorations.

It is best to spend this day in nature, not in your home, enjoy peace and quiet, run away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and urgent problems, to fully feel each other and the meaning of living together in marriage for such a long period, having experienced so much sorrow and joy.

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