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April 13 — what a holiday today, born on April 13

April 13 - what a holiday today, born on April 13

What a holiday today 13

Holiday 13: Baisaki (Sikh New Year)

13 in the state of Penzhab Sikhs celebrate one of the most beloved and respected holidays — Baisaki. It is both a religious holiday, a celebration associated with the advent of the New Year, and a harvest festival.

It is known that Sikhs are a nationality that professes Sikhism, and this doctrine has quite a lot of followers. On the territory of Punjab, Sikhism began to develop in the XV century.

Baisaki is celebrated on the first day of the first month of Vaysakh Nanakshahi on the solar calendar.

It is believed that it was exactly 13th 1699 that the last tenth Sikh guru (mentor, ruler) founded Khalsa. The name of this guru is Gobind Singh.

Khalsa is a fraternity whose main idea is to establish a world order by eliminating differences between castes, so that equality will prevail among people.

The holiday finds its development in gurudwarak — Sik temples. In addition, Baisaki is widely celebrated in the fields, as it is also a harvest festival for all peasants.

On this day, it is necessary to get up early and visit the temples with flowers in their hands to participate in religious events.

Most Sikhs tend to go to the most revered Gurudwaras (for example, Ananpur Sahib, Golden Temple), those who cannot get there go to local temples.

On the Baisaki holiday, in each gurudwara, the holy book of the Sikhs Guru Grant Sahib is taken out, from which the main religious positions are read. Next, the believers eat Kara Prasad — a dish made from butter and sweet flour, which is traditional for this holiday.

During the day, festive columns move along the streets, processions with flowers, flags, dances, songs, playing musical instruments, national dishes flaunt on the tables, and ceremonies are held that are dedicated to harvesting. Dances are especially interesting because they completely “tell” the history of agricultural work, ranging from planting to harvesting.

These are the so-called Bhangra dances, which are performed only by men.

They dress in white shirts, colorful turbans and outfits that are very similar to skirts. The dance is performed to the sounds of the national drums dhol.

There is also a gidha dance, and it is performed by women who wear not only bright outfits, but also a lot of jewelery that ring out in any movement.

Holiday 13: The Beginning of the Sunny New Year (India)

The day marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year (sunny New Year). According to belief, a few thousand years ago, the goddess Ganga descended to earth, and therefore, it is not surprising that 13 Indians go to the Ganges River in northern India for ritual bathing.

It should be said that the main actions can also be observed in the Magale gardens of Sringara, Tamil Nadu, etc. Celebrations are held in most Hindu temples. Indians decorate their houses with flowers, hang out at the entrances special flags with embroidery and illustration of religious subjects or gods.

Children put on special garlands made up of flowers, rush out into the streets and wish good luck to passersby in the new year.

You can often see beautiful fireworks.

Celebrities born 13

— 13 1519 was born the wife of the King of France Henry II Catherine de Medici, who is considered one of the most influential royal persons of France during the wars between the Huguenots and the Catholics. By the way, she is known as the organizer of St. Bartholomew’s Night

— 13 1743 was born the third US President Thomas Jefferson

— 13 born English inventor Joseph Brama

— 13 was born inventor Richard Trevithik, who built a high-pressure steam engine, thanks to which he managed to create the first steam locomotive.

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