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April 14, 2019 — Why do we need to wash the front door by tradition today? Omen of the day

• Marya-prolubnitsa day (in memory of the Orthodox Saint Mary of Egypt);

• Marya — empty soup (in Russia, by this time, the peasants were nearing the end of their food supply, even sauerkraut was running out and the soup was not rich but empty).

The main sign of the day — wash the front door today and protect your home from unclean forces

From time immemorial, there is a sign that 14 needs to wash the front door to the house from two sides. And not just with water, but with the addition of a glass of red wine and a teaspoon of flower honey (on a bucket).

Our ancestors believed that after such a ceremony, evil spirits would leave the house, and family happiness, peace and harmony would live forever. Also reliable protection from all sorts of dark forces is a horseshoe mounted on the front door.

There were a lot of superstitions connected with the doors in Russia, and it would not be superfluous to know them now. Perhaps these signs will help you in the future to prevent some unpleasant events.

Knock on the front door

Special fear of people always causes a knock on the front door when there is no one behind it.

According to the most common sign that this is the way trouble is knocking into the house.

Esoteric argue that this is how an evil force is trying to sneak into a dwelling. The most terrible is considered a triple knock on the door, it is definitely a foreshadowing of the death of someone from family members.

But all these signs can come true when careless owners, without asking and not looking through the peephole, open the doors and see that there is no one there. Thus, you yourself can run into the house of trouble, evil spirits or death.

So that superstition does not have a chance to come true, never open the door without making sure that there are people behind it. So the well-known “Who is there?” Is the protection of our homes and families.

By the way, for some nationalities it is this interpretation of the self-opening door that exists both for dreams and for reality.

Other signs about the door

1. If the front door starts to squeak, it means that soon some of the household members will have to leave the house (it could be anything — going on a business trip, to study or leave, to marry children, to move to a new place of residence).

2. When an unmarried girl enters a room or house, you must ensure that the door for her is sure to close, otherwise she will fall into the wrong husband in the future.

3. If the door flew off the hinges, it portends a possible fire in the house.

4. Never go to sleep feet to the door. There was a belief among the Slavic peoples that such a position of a person in a dream is liked by evil forces, it is by the legs that they drag people to the nether regions.

After all, the doorway since ancient times was considered a portal between ours and the other world.

5. If a spider is weaving its openwork nets above the entrance door, this heralds a sudden unexpected wealth.

6. Do not slam the front door. This can be done only by those who are preparing for the wedding.

The talisman of the day, which today will help you

The talisman 14 is tourmaline jewelry and figurines. Stone helps people to show their creative abilities, to find the right solution to problems.

If you have a tourmaline talisman, your interlocutor will not be able to lie.

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