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April 18, 2019 — Fedulov day

April 18, 2019 - Fedulov day

18 Orthodox Christians venerate the holy martyrs Theodul the reader and Agathopod the deacon. In the national calendar, the date is called Fedulov day, Fedul-anemone.

Who are the saints Theodulus and Agathopods?

They lived in the III-IV centuries. Theodoul is a young reader, Agathopod is a deep old man.

Both were distinguished by piety and a righteous life. Under Emperor Diocletian, who persecuted Christians, Theodulus and Agathopod did not renounce their faith, for which they were subjected to torture.

But while sitting in prison they constantly prayed to God, and he bestowed upon them the strength to withstand the torment. Then the torturers tied the Theodula and Agathopod stones to the neck and threw them into the sea.

Waves sea holy bodies in light clothes, without any stones and ropes were cast ashore. People found them and buried them.

Rites and traditions of this day

18 people called Fedul-anemone, as according to legends, today’s wind has great magic power. From that day, the windows in the houses were wide open and drafts were launched into the house.

Housewives today must necessarily start a big laundry (bedding, household clothes) and dry everything outside in the wind.

He will charge things with his power, and the family will be all healthy.

If a bird flies through an open window today, it will be a bad sign that promises trouble. To neutralize it, you need to catch a bird, read the prayer “Our Father” nine times, then let it out through the window and say: “Take what you bring, take it back with you.”

After that, all the walls in the house are sprinkled with holy water, and the floors are washed out with the addition of thistle decoction.

Today, throw a pinch of sugar out the window and sweeten your life.

Our ancestors believed that 18 can sweeten their lives. To do this, in the early morning, you need to open the window, turn your back on it and throw some sugar onto the street over the right shoulder.

But if you try, you can easily overcome them.

3. To sprinkle sugar on the floor means that your life will be sweet, in the near future no troubles are expected. If before that you had a falling out with a loved one or with someone from relatives, spilled sugar suggests that this is not for long, make peace soon.

4. If an unmarried woman or girl has spilled sugar, it means that she will soon have a date. Perhaps love affair will twist, which will lead to a long and serious relationship.

As you can see, almost all the signs associated with spilled sugar promise positive events. Therefore, since the ancient times, the Slavs have moved, if sugar is poured out — don’t remove it immediately, let it lie down for five minutes, so that the good will be attracted 100% to life.

Just remember that an important role in the signs is played by chance. If you specifically begin to pour sugar on the floor and on the table, in order to attract good luck, happiness and prosperity, it will not work.

Spilled sugar should not be thrown into the trash.

If you spilled it on a clean table, then collect it back in the sugar bowl.

From the floor, sweep, bring to the street and pour under a tree or on a flower bed.

Folk omen 18

If in Fedulov the day the dog howled to the wind strongly, it means that tomorrow it will become colder.

If weather is windless, then the whole next week will be sunny and warm.

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