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April 23, 2019 — Today you can remove barriers to finding a partner and problems in a relationship

April 23, 2019 - Today you can remove barriers to finding a partner and problems in a relationship

Day 23 is the perfect time to resolve questions and problems in a relationship. If you are single, if you love with non-reciprocal love or have family problems, you can fix it today.

The tips of folk magic will help you to remove obstacles in finding a partner and solve problems in relationships.

About love many beautiful books, poems, poems are written. Still, we do not know how to behave properly, when it is and what to do if it is not there.

When directing your strength to solve love problems, you should understand that all the conspiracies and prayers are addressed specifically to you. They help you eliminate the aggression or resentment towards your partner and, as a result, problems in the family improve or the right person is attracted.

You can not use conspiracies for love, aimed at another person.

1. First, you encroach on the will of another person, and this is already a violation of higher laws and it can bring trouble to you.

2. And secondly, it is impossible to make a person happy besides his will. If he still has not fallen in love with you or has fallen out of love, it means that you have different fates and you should not interfere with the divine plan.

How to attract love

Below, we present three quite safe conspiracies that can be used to bring your half into life. Only when you represent your lover or beloved, do not represent a particular person, but a certain image that is suitable specifically for you.

Ritual with a mirror

Try a very effective and simple ritual to attract love with a mirror. To do this, you need to stand in a good mood in front of a mirror and admire your reflection.

You need to do this several times a day, and silently say: “Be with a couple, with half of my unmarried.”

It is very important to sincerely believe in these words and really enjoy your reflection in the mirror. This ritual is aimed at increasing vibrations and your energy.

If you like yourself, if you are shining and you are sure that your half is waiting for you, then after a while you will really meet it.

Ritual with fruit

Another way to get a soul mate is more like a game. To do this, take a large fruit (apple, pear, orange).

On the growing moon you need to perform the following ritual.

1. Fruits should be cut in such a way that you get two identical halves.

2. Then on the fruit you need to pronounce a conspiracy: «As one divided, so I alone sit, sad.»

3. Then we stick the matches into the halves of the fruit, 4 matches around the edges, and one match into the middle.

4. As soon as we finish, we say: “As these parts have become one, I will find my soul mate, I will disperse melancholy.”

Now you need to wrap the fruit in a clean natural fabric and carry it under any fruit tree.

The plot is done on the water, which you wash every day. Speak with love on the growing Moon: «Voditsa-beauty take me (your name) as a friend, help me attract a friend.»

The young men should say this: “Voditsa-beauty take me (your name) to friends, help to attract a girlfriend”.

This conspiracy is favorable even for those who are desperate to meet their half and do not know how to attract love in their lives. Do this ritual every day and within a month you will find your love.

Remember, all the rites to attract love into your life are held on the growing moon.

How to get rid of quarrels in the family

Even the happiest relationship is sometimes broken about domestic problems. And now, once the soul of the spouse who did not care for each other, quarrels every day.

How to deal with these?

Do not be in a hurry to get upset, let alone divorce your spouse, try to read the plot from the quarrels. You need to whisper the words late in the evening for cooked food, and in the morning you must eat this food with your spouse.

Conspiracy from quarrels:

“The quarrels are dishonest, the evil stone disappears, they die from drinking and eating. The heart is hotter, the good mind will remain, they will become food in bread. Let the slave be reconciled with me, forget the dirty words, throw away the bad deeds.

At the same time, we are kind, from the food of our native bread. ”

What to do if love has passed and the spouse lost interest in his wife? This often happens when the wife is on maternity leave or just a housewife. She often forgets about herself and devotes her time to her children and spouse.

Return the love and the husband’s location can be, this will help conspiracy on love.

But it is important to remember that one conspiracy will not be enough if you do not pay attention to yourself. Treat yourself to a beautiful new thing (shoes, dress), you can change your hair, well, and read the words in a whisper every evening before going to bed for a month:

“Batyushka Brownie,
Call my husband home.
Call him on the threshold; in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening,
On a black moonlit night,
On a black night moonless.
Send you nine winds, nine whirlwinds.
Let them find him
Though walking, even standing or sleeping,
Ali for drinking, or for a hedgehog.
Meet him in front
Shoot in his heart with longing.
So that he could neither live nor be
Neither day nor night sleep
With my rival,
Slave of God (name).
Everything would keep me on my mind
I would have seen me with a brief dream.
As this threshold is always in its place,
Dries and cracks,
So would my husband, God’s servant (name),
I stood before me
He cracked, squealed, soh.
Bless my words, God.
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Now and ever and forever and ever. Amen.»

Use plots of folk magic for the benefit of yourself and your loved ones and may love always be with you.

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