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April 24 — what a holiday today, born on April 24

April 24 - what a holiday today, born on April 24

What holiday is today?

Holiday 24: International Youth Solidarity Day

24 marks the International Day of Youth Solidarity. This has been happening annually since 1957. It was then that the World Federation of Democratic Youth made the appropriate decision.

This day is another reason to draw maximum attention from government agencies, the media and society to the problems that today’s youth are facing today.

It is believed that combining the efforts of all youth and public organizations, as well as the general population, who are not indifferent to this problem, will improve the degree of control over the observance of the rights of the young generation, helps to increase the level of creative activity and level of organization in the implementation of social, economic, moral and scientific and technical problems, strengthen the continuity of generations, the rule of law and the rule of law.

Of course, on this day, attention is paid not only to serious issues — there is also time for entertainment.

So in the cities events for youth are held, festivals, competitions, concerts, theme parties are organized.

Holiday 24: Holiday Arbor (Arborist Day)

It is known that for the first time the holiday was held in the USA, and it was called Arbor Day — the Day of Tree Planting. The initiator of the celebration was the administrator of the state of Nebraska, who later became Minister of Agriculture.

It is said that it was he who adopted and developed the ancient custom of the Aztec tribes who planted trees on the birthdays of their children.

It is known that in 1874 D. Sterling Morton (administrator of the state of Nebraska) ordered to plant over 12 million seedlings. Within 20 years, 350 million trees grew there. At first, the holiday gradually began to spread exclusively within the neighboring states (Kansas, Iiofa, Michigan, Ohio).

Much later, it became a holiday for the whole country.

By the way, it is interesting that among schoolchildren special unions of tree preservation were organized. Then the spring holidays devoted to trees began to be organized on different days, but soon the date was set to 24.

True, many celebrate the holiday on the last Friday. This is explained by the fact that before the weekend it is easier to organize joint work on planting seedlings, and this activity is just a kind of holiday symbol.

Often, children’s institutions are connected to the festivities. The initiative also comes from the New York Society of Kindergartens and Houseplants.

Children receive 24 seedlings of flowers, plant them, and in the fall the child who raised the best flower is awarded with a prize.

In general, it should be said that the main purpose of the holiday is the active propaganda of planting trees and decorating territories. Today, forests are celebrated in India, Korea, Yugoslavia, Germany, Korea, China and other countries.

By the way, it is interesting that at one time a survey was conducted by representatives of the Spring Arbor Fund, in which Americans were asked to name the tree, which, in their opinion, is national. Internet research suggested that the “candidates” were the trees declared public in different states.

As a result, he won the oak tree — the symbol of 6 states and the Federal District of Columbia, the capital of which is Washington.

Born 24

— 24 1905 was born American writer, poet and literary critics Robert Penn Warren

— 24 1930 was born Russian sociologist and political scientist Yuri Levada

— 24, 1942 born American actress, director, composer, Barbara Streisand

— 24 1952 was born the French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gauthier, president of his own fashion house

— 24 1984 was born Russian gymnast, Honored Master of Sports Irina Chaschina, received a silver medal at the Olympic Games.

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