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August 24 — what a holiday today, born on August 24

August 24 - what a holiday today, born on August 24

What holiday is today?

Holiday 24: Independence Day of Ukraine

For Ukrainians, Independence Day is a special date, because its country had to conquer more than one century. Thus, the history of Ukraine is usually counted from the 9th century, when the Kiev state was created.

After the state breaks up into small principalities, the Cossack-Hetman State is formed here, which existed from the 17th to the 18th centuries, and then until the 20th century, an independent Ukrainian state did not exist at all.

As a result of the 1917 revolution, the rise of the national liberation movement can be traced. Also on the 20th of 1917, the Third Universal of the Central Rada was issued, who announced the creation of the Ukrainian People’s Republic.

This Universal spoke of freedom of religion, the press, strikes, meetings, the abolition of the death penalty. Civil war and intervention led to the fact that in March 1919 the All-Ukrainian Congress of Soviets was held in Kiev, at which the constitution of the independent Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) was adopted. 28 of the RSFSR and the Ukrainian SSR signed a cooperation agreement, which, in fact, secured Ukraine’s dependence on Russia.

And only at the end of the twentieth century, after the collapse of the USSR, it gained independence.

On the 24 of 1991, the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian SSR submitted for approval by the All-Ukrainian referendum of 1 of 1991 the “Act of the Proclamation of Independence of Ukraine”. Now this day is considered a public holiday.

Annually festive events take place all over Ukraine, but the brightest are in Kiev. Here are organized festivals, concerts.

Charity events, sports. In the evening, fireworks are always arranged.

Holiday 24: St. Bartholomew’s Day in Italy

This is truly a national holiday, which hosts solemn masses dedicated to the memory of St. Bartholomew. Traditional games are played on the streets in Italy. For example, this is a race in bags, tug-of-war, “a tree of abundance” (when you need to climb a pole and get a gift).

Often held tastings of various products that were produced in different areas of Italy. In addition, it cannot do without concerts, performances, dramatized processions, orchestra performances, dancers.

Holiday 24: Day of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan

The holiday was established by Resolution No. 478 of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic of 2006. Its main task is to foster patriotism, dedication of servicemen, and also as a tribute to military traditions and military duty. It is known that the internal troops of the Kyrgyz Republic are a military organization that functions under the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, guarding state facilities, corrective labor institutions, etc.

It is known that it is the internal troops of Kyrgyzstan in 1999-2000. destroyed the gangs of international terrorist organizations that attacked civilians in the south of the country. The first battle in the history of Kyrgyzstan took place on the night of 23-24 of 1999, when the military unit defeated the enemy and earned the recognition of all the people.

On this day, there are moments of silence, the ceremony of awarding the best soldiers, awarding new ranks. A gala concert with fireworks also takes place.

Born 24

— 24 1712 was born astronomer and dutch mathematician Cornelius Dawes

— 24 1772 King of the Netherlands was born Wilhelm I was born

— 24 1787 born English explorer of Antarctica, James Weddell, who discovered the Weddell Sea

— 24 1817 was born the playwright and poet Alexei Tolstoy

— 24 1927 was born economist Harry Markovits.

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