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December 12 — what a holiday today, born December 12

December 12 - what a holiday today, born December 12

What a holiday today 12

Holiday 12: Constitution Day of the Russian Federation

12 of 1993 a referendum was held, the result of which was the adoption of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. It is safe to say that today Constitution Day is one of the most important holidays for the citizens of Russia, since the Constitution is the basis of the entire legal life of the state, and it defines the direction in which the country will develop in the future, establishes the basic rights for citizens who live in this area.

It must be said that the Russian Constitution experienced at least 2 serious crises at the end of the 90s of the last century. It was preceded by other documents.

So, we are talking about the Constitution of the RSFSR in 1918, the first Constitution of the USSR in 1924. By the way, the latter secured the victory of socialism in Soviet conditions.

After that, the law of society appeared in 1936, and in 1977 a new Constitution was formed which was also called “stagnant”, and it was she who acted until the collapse of the USSR.

The modern Constitution of the Russian Federation is a reliable foundation that ensures the democratic development of the country, a really functioning document.

Naturally, every person should be familiar with the main provisions of the Constitution, as this will allow to protect their own rights and interests, if necessary, improve the quality and safety of their own lives.

Today, the Constitution of the Russian Federation is an analogue of a book with a leather binding in red, on which the silver coat of arms emblazoned, as well as the inscription in gold “The Constitution of Russia”. This is the so-called “Number one copy”, which is used during the inauguration and is stored in the library of the President of the Russian Federation in the Kremlin.

As for the holiday itself, not so long ago 12 was a day off. However, as a result of the adoption of the resolution of the State Duma on 24 of 2004, amendments were made to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and the day off was canceled.

But still, on the Constitution Day various events of a political and educational nature are held — they remember the holiday, and this allows people to cultivate patriotic feelings.

Holiday 12: Day of the Ground Forces of Ukraine

In accordance with the Decree of the President of October 10, 1997 No. 1167/97, ​​12, the Day of the Ground Forces is celebrated in Ukraine. The ground forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were formed in 1996 on the basis of Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Armed Forces of Ukraine” and became part of the Armed Forces.

In terms of numbers, they make up half of the indicated formation, they act both in peacetime and in wartime.

The basis of the leadership of the Ground Forces is the operational command. There are several of them, and they are located in regions.

Thus, in Odessa, the Southern division operates, in Chernigov — the Northern division, and in Lviv — the Western division. The families of the land forces of Ukraine are tank and mechanized troops, artillery, missile troops, air defense forces.

And those people who are related to these formations, 12 accept congratulations, are awarded diplomas and awards for successful activity.

Holiday 12: Holiday of the Nineteenth Day — Masayil

In the Bahá’í Calendar, the year is divided into 19 months, 19 days, and every first day of the month, the followers of the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh celebrate with prayers and the ceremony of kindling candles.

In December, the Day is thus celebrated under the name Masail, which means “Questions” in Arabic.

Celebrities born 12

— 12 1766 born historian and writer Nikolai M. Karamzin

— 12 1791, the second wife of Napoleon I was born Maria Louise

— 12 1821 was born the writer Gustave Flaubert

— 12 1915 was born singer Frank Sinatra.

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