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December 13 — what holiday today, born December 13

December 13 - what holiday today, born December 13

What a holiday today 13

Holiday 13: St. Lucia’s Day

According to the legend, Lucie had beautiful eyes, and once it was they who attracted the attention of a young man. So that he would not succumb to temptation, Lucius poked out her eyes and sent them on a saucer. This legend led to the appearance of fairy tales in the Germanic and Romance countries, after which Lucius was canonized.

To this day, she is considered the patroness of the light, she is turned to for help with eye diseases.

But the holiday also has a different side. Thus, it was believed by the people that witches are gathered on Sabbath on St. Lucia’s Day, who beat the oil under bridges, perform dances at intersections, and if they get a man or a boy, the witches can dance him to death.

Not surprisingly, 13 held various thematic ceremonies.

For example, they rang the bells, arranged folk festivals with songs, dances — it was necessary to make as much noise as possible, since it was thought that this would help the expulsion of the witches. They used garlic as a defense against evil forces — people ate it and fed them animals.

It was also decided to rub garlic on the feet, on the forehead, on the hands, brush on the walls of the barn with the juice of garlic, draw crosses before entering the house on the doors.

There were also a number of prohibitions. For example, it was impossible to sew and spin, because it was believed that if this rule was violated in the future, the work would not be displaced, and the breast of nursing mothers would become inflamed.

It was also forbidden to bake, wash, work on horses, break or break something. And, of course, divination was held on the day of Saint Lucia — it was the right time to find out your fate.

Holiday 13: Charity Day in Ukraine

The day of charity in Ukraine was set by the example of other European countries, and today it is celebrated annually 13. The main purpose of the introduction of the holiday is to approve the principles of mercy and humanism, as well as support for functioning charitable organizations.

It is well known that good deeds very often help to save lives, and on Charity Day, volunteers and members of specialized organizations carry out actions aimed at helping people in need.

It may be the sick, the deprived, those who are faced with difficult life difficulties.

By the way, it is precisely on Charity Day that free psychological counseling is often held, special canteens are organized for the poor. In the evening there are concerts, which also raise funds for charitable purposes.

Holiday 13: St. Bartholomew’s and St. Thaddeus’s Day in Armenia

Saint Thaddeus is known for his martyrdom for faith in Christ. He was nailed to the cross and stabbed with arrows. About three centuries later, Tadea Monastery was erected at the burial site of the apostle.

And the relics of St. Faddy today are kept in the Echmiadzin Cathedral.

As for St. Bartholomew, according to legend, he was one of the 12 apostles who followed Jesus Christ. Bartholomew preached, for the most part, on the territory of Asia Minor and Syria, and then went to Armenia with the man-made face of the Virgin Mary, building a church dedicated to the Mother of God here.

In 68, he was executed along with 2,000 Christians.

Celebrities born 13

— 13 1553 was born the king of France Henry IV of the Bourbon dynasty

— 13 1797 was born the poet Heinrich Heine

— 13 born German electrical engineer Ernst Werner von Siemens, founder of the famous Siemens concern

— 13 1893, the Ukrainian writer Nikolai Khvyleva was born.

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