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December 13th

According to the national calendar, 13 is the day of St. Andrew the First-Called in memory of the disciple of Jesus, one of the twelve apostles. He is considered the patron saint of family and marriage.

The main sign of the day — today women communicate with the spirits of the dead

It was customary to guess at Andrew the First Called in Russia. Unmarried girls were guessing at their beloved, someone even decided to dry the groom, and older women dared to communicate with the spirits of the dead.

In the old days they believed that if such a spirit was called in, one could ask him three most important questions and get truthful answers, thus finding out his fate.

Perhaps someone needed information that only the deceased knew, and if he died suddenly, he took it with him. In general, the reasons are different, but before you decide to call the spirits from the other world, think carefully — is this exactly what you need?

Because the consequences can be very sad — from a psychiatric clinic to death.

A special magic rite is performed inside the circle. In no case can not leave it, even if there is a great desire to touch or rush to the neck of your loved one.

It is important to understand that there is not a loved and dear person there, but a spirit, and all his love for you died with him on the day of his death. In the heat of emotions, jumping out of the circle, you will doom yourself to certain death.

During the ritual with the spirit of the deceased should speak calmly and kindly, you can not ask anything about his afterlife. At the beginning of the conversation you need to ask a question, the answer to which only two people knew — you and the deceased, whose spirit you are summoning today. If he answered correctly, then continue the conversation.

And if not, then interrupt the ritual sooner, because it was not the spirit of the deceased that appeared, but the devil himself came for you.

Conducting the ritual, you must strictly observe its conditions:

clothes should be simple and clean (on a naked body, pajamas or nightgown);

the room should be perfect cleanliness;

on the eve it is necessary to observe at least a three-day fast (and even better to fast 40 days);

Pets should not be near.

If you are a believer, then the surest way to communicate with your deceased loved one is through prayer.

By the way, the church accepts this way of communicating with deceased loved ones, denying various magicians and sorcerers.

December 13th

Virtually every religion includes beliefs about what happens after death, and in most cases we are talking about life after death, and that our deceased loved ones are aware of what happens in the realm of the living, they can also contact us .

Therefore, do not be afraid to turn to God and ask him that your loved one receive your message.

The talisman of the day, which today will help you

Talisman 13 are products of lapis lazuli or carnelian. These stones protect the home and the family from the intrigues of ill-wishers, attract wealth and good fortune to the house.

They give hope to their owners and bring love, so jewelry with such minerals must be worn for single people who are already desperate to find family happiness.

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