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December 23

According to the folk calendar, 23 are called: the day of Mina (in memory of the holy martyr Mine Eloquent); Mina has bright eyes (as they pray to Holy Mina for the healing of eye diseases, as well as for the granting of a special vision, allowing to distinguish between good and evil, truth and falsehood).

The main sign of the day is to plan your future correctly today.

The longest nights and short days of the year are over. At 23, a new annual cycle begins, the light day gradually increases.

The Slavs considered this moment to be the birth of the Sun and used it to plan the future, to discover new abilities in themselves. The power of the sun and nature itself is being renewed, together with them people analyze their achievements, discard all unnecessary things, get rid of the old.

Making plans for the future is a very good practice. After all, if a person does not know where to swim, then not a single wind will become a fair wind. But sometimes not all of our plans come true, and people get upset.

And the reason may be incorrect planning. How to correctly define your goals and implement them?

Their plans should not only be voiced, mentally imagined, but also recorded. This is necessary in order to periodically look in and analyze how close to the implementation of the goal.

Otherwise, in the daily bustle, you can forget about all plans.

Goals need to be correctly and clearly formulated, they should not be blurred. For example, planning to start earning more, you must clearly indicate the number (how much more).

It is necessary to plan not only goals, but also deadlines for their implementation.

When all plans are defined and written down, it is important to start acting, and not to put it off the shelf.

Remember that an important secret of success is the ability to think on paper, and luck begins with a notebook, pen and a few minutes.

The most convenient way is to make different plans — long-term for the coming year and short-term for each day.

Daily goals can be determined in the evening or after waking up in the morning. This includes all the important things for this day (to meet someone, to buy something, training in the gym, going to the cinema, matinee at the child, etc.).

For the year, plan global goals (where to go on vacation, what to read and see, finish driving courses or sewing and sewing, how much to lose weight, and so on.


December 23

From the first time it does not always work out perfectly and smoothly, but any plan can be adjusted. Think about your goals in advance, and on the day of the beginning of the new cycle of the year, organize and write everything down.

Over time, you get used to plan and will have much more time to do.

The talisman of the day, which today will help you

The talisman 23 is jade and malachite.

Stone jade has the energy that brings prosperity. Therefore, charms from it are useful to have people starting a new business a new life from scratch.

Jade, encrusted in silver — reliable protection from the evil eye, envy, unkind people.

If you wear malachite jewelry in silver, you can easily achieve your goals and gain self-confidence. Such a talisman is especially recommended for people on the road (travelers, drivers).

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