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December 23 — Mina’s day bright eyes

December 23 - Mina's day bright eyes

23 in Orthodoxy worship the memory of the holy martyr Mina the Eloquent. According to the folk calendar, this date is called the day of Mina or Mina bright eyes.

Who is Saint Mina?

Mina lived at the end of the 3rd and the beginning of the 4th centuries, and was a commander. He served the emperor Maximilian, among other military distinguished by eloquence and erudition. Secretly from all professed the Christian faith.

When the emperor found out about this, he sent his servants to inflict judgment on Mina and other Christians. However, during the trial, Maximilian’s servants received their sight and were baptized. Then the emperor himself subjected Christians to terrible torture and torment, but their faith did not break them.

Angry, he ordered the executioners to cut off Mina’s head.

Rites and traditions of this day

23 women in Russia carried out needlework. And the healers on this day spoke the night owl. If young children do not sleep well at night, cry a lot and pound their feet, then experienced healers say that “Midnight is chudit.”

They hold a special ceremony over the crib with the words: “You, the night-bird, play the broomstick, and do not disturb the baby.

Let him sleep and grow. ”

How to find out today what was hidden from you?

23 they pray to the martyr Mina to heal from eye diseases. The people believed that the saint could give a person a special vision, allowing to recognize deception and truth, good and evil.

Surely, many people are familiar with the situation when, during a conversation, a person seems strange, as if he is cunning or something. And already at the subconscious level, you do not trust his speech, facial expressions, gestures.

How to understand exactly what the interlocutor is lying?

Deceivers never look into the eyes, they look away all the time.

The pace of a liar’s speech is crumpled; he speaks now slowly, then quickly. Often, when a person lies, he begins to tell the story at a slow pace, and then he accelerates, as if afraid of being caught in a lie.

Deceivers during their story make many pauses, thinking about what to say next, and watching your reaction.

A liar gives out his gestures — he closes his ear, covers his mouth, holds his neck or scratches it, rubs his nose.

Remember what was said when the language was bitten, and after a while try to check his words.

A person will get confused, try to remember what he really said, and it will become clear — it really was a lie.

There is another sign of bitten language. Our ancestors believed that if you yourself bit a tongue during a conversation, then this inner voice tells you — it’s time to shut up so as not to say too much.

If you accidentally bit your tongue not in a conversation, but being alone, then take a close look at your surroundings. This sign says that they are discussing you behind your back and saying something unkind.

Perhaps there were enemies.

Also, little good is to be expected from the interlocutor, who bit his lip when talking. He not only lies to you, but also wants evil.

Folk omens 23

If 23 is dry snow, the wind spreads and is not collected on the ground, then next summer will be dry.

On the night of 23 watch the sky. If the stars twinkle, then the day will be cold.

The Big Dipper shines brightly — to the snowstorm.

If at night around the moon, and during the day around the sun rings are visible, we must wait for a heavy snowfall.

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