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December 23 — what a holiday today, born December 23

December 23 - what a holiday today, born December 23

What holiday is today?

Holiday 23: Long-Range Aviation Day of the Russian Air Force

For the first time celebrated this holiday in 1999 on the orders of the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force. It was on this day, 23 of 1913, that its first flight was a four-engine heavy bomber «Ilya Muromets», which was designed by Igor Sikorsky.

A year later, a royal decree was issued, according to which the first in the world squadron of such aircraft was formed. And it is believed that this was the moment of the emergence of a strategic squadron. It is known that today, in service with long-range aviation, which is included in the strategic triad along with missiles and submarines, the strategic bombers Tu-22M3, Tu-160, Tu-95MS are included.

By the way, the Tu-95MS missile carrier was created 50 years ago and is considered the only bomber in the world with turboprop engines. As for the aircraft Tu-22M3, they are included in the sea long-range aviation.

The main task of long-range aviation is to hit enemy military targets from the air at a great distance from the bases, to conduct air reconnaissance.

On Day 23, employees of this field accept congratulations, receive awards and prizes for their work.

Holiday 23: Birthday of the Emperor of Japan

More than 10 thousand Japanese every year congratulate the emperor, visiting the square in front of his palace. By the way, the park, where the Japanese gather, opens only 2 times a year — after the New Year and on the Birthday of Emperor Akihito.

The emperor himself is practically not endowed with any power and is the formal symbol of Japan, the national favorite of the locals. Despite his venerable age, he travels a lot and generally leads a very active lifestyle, going on visits abroad, participating in charity events, accepting high-ranking officials in his country.

History suggests that the tradition of celebrating the birthday of the emperor began in the era of Nara — this is about 775 years. It must be said that until 1945, until the end of World War II, the Japanese considered their emperor almost a deity. However, the defeat in the war changed everything, and the attitude towards the Emperor Seva changed.

Today, the emperor is vested with power only formally, and the country is run by the prime minister. By the way, it is interesting that the birthdays of all emperors were immortalized in the form of national holidays.

For example, 3 (Emperor Meiji’s Birthday) was celebrated as the Day of Culture, and 29 (Emperor’s Birthday) turned into Seva’s Day.

Holiday 23: The capture of the Port Sid by the Egyptian army

Port Said is a city located in the southeastern part of Egypt on the shores of the Mediterranean. In August 1882, it was occupied by the English army and became one of the centers of the anti-imperialist anti-British movement from 1921 to 1954, during which a large number of uprisings took place.

On 23 September 1956, Port Said was liberated, but about 2.5 thousand Egyptians were killed in the battle for the Motherland.

Born 23

— 23 1777 was born the Russian emperor since 1801 Alexander I

— 23 1789 was born Russian painter Karl Bryullov

— 23 1790, French Egyptologist Jean-François Champollion was born, who was able to decipher the ancient Egyptian script

— 23 1805 was born the American prophet Joseph Smith, who founded the religious sect of Mormons

— 23 1858 was born the director Vladimir Nemirovich-Danche

— 23 1917 was born actress Valentina Serova

— 23 1931 was born director, theater and film actor Lev Durov

— 23, 1934 was born actress Natalia Fateeva.

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