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February 12, 2019 — What can’t a husband and wife do in order not to stop loving each other? 11 will take

• Three Saints or the Cathedral of the Three Saints (Orthodox congregation of the veneration of the ecumenical teachers of St. Gregory the Theologian, John Chrysostom and St. Basil the Great);

• animal weddings (from this day on, the animals in the forest begin to fight for the division of territory, arrange weddings, and become especially aggressive).

11 will take, which must comply with the spouses, never to stop loving each other

All the newlyweds on their wedding day dream that they will live together happily for many years. But not all dreams come true, something is not given in family life, marriage is cracking, and as a result of adultery or divorce.

It is not easy for two different people to build a single whole — a friendly and happy family. But love is a great feeling that can overcome all obstacles in the way.

Love each other, respect, learn to listen — this is the basis of marital well-being. And as a supplement, we will tell you about a few signs that a husband and wife must observe in order not to stop loving each other.

February 12, 2019 - What can't a husband and wife do in order not to stop loving each other? 11 will take

1. You can not hang mirrors before a marital bed, otherwise someone in the family will change.

2. Wedding towel should be kept twisted into a tube. Then any evil spirit will walk in a circle and, in the end, will understand that she has nothing to do here.

3. Do not eat your husband and wife with one spoon, otherwise they will constantly be unhappy with each other.

4. Well-being and happiness will dwell in the family, if a spider is wound up in the house, especially a white one. There will never be a place for bad language, quarrels and offenses.

5. In order not to quarrel, a husband and wife cannot wipe their hands at the same time with a single towel.

6. Wife need to keep track of their jewelry. People believe that if you lose the earring donated by your spouse, then a divorce cannot be avoided.

7. If one spouse has lost a wedding ring, then it is necessary to get rid of the second one in order not to incur trouble for the couple and not to disturb peace in the family. It is best to donate it to the temple.

8. The spouse during cooking in the kitchen must be careful not to put stains on the apron one after the other, otherwise the husband will fall under alcohol or playful addiction.

9. In order for the house to be a “full cup” and the family did not know poverty, it is necessary to keep a few coins on the dinner table under the tablecloth.

10. It is impossible for the husband to cut off the hair to the husband, otherwise he will stop loving her.

11. A wife should not climb in bed through her husband (neither lying down nor getting out of bed), otherwise you can bring misfortune upon him.

To ensure that the married life was long and happy, we must take care from the very beginning, from the date of birth of the family.

There are many proven signs and superstitions that must be adhered to at the wedding:

• So that the life of the newlyweds was friendly, in the first night of their wedding pillows should be put cuts pillowcases to each other.

• You can not play a wedding on borrowed money, a young family will never know prosperity.

• In order to avoid quarrels in the family, the bride and groom at the wedding should eat a twin plum or cherry.

• No one should be allowed to try on wedding rings.

• In order to always keep money in the family, on the wedding day the groom must put a coin in the right shoe and spend the whole holiday with it. Then the coin is kept as a family heirloom.

• Be sure that on the wedding day on the clothes of the bride and groom should be secured pins with the head against the evil eye.

• For a married life to be happy and long, young people must simultaneously blow out the candles after the wedding.

The talisman of the day, which today will help you

The talisman 12 is agate products. This stone is considered a symbol of health, longevity and prosperity.

White agate is a powerful defense against evil spirits, therefore it is most often used to protect children.

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