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February 23, 2019 — Why is it impossible today to give a beloved man watches and socks? Omen of the day

• Day of Prokhor (in memory of the Orthodox saint — Rev. Prokhor Lebednik, Pechersk monk);

• Prokhor spring or Turn to spring (from this day the frost is already getting weaker, and spring begins to look into the yard).

The main sign of the day is giving men gifts today, but not socks or watches.

23 can be called an alternative date for International Women’s Day 8. Today, the fair sex congratulate their husbands, sons, and colleagues on Defender of the Fatherland Day and present gifts.

Many people think that the ideal gift will be watches — a thing not cheap, stylish and always necessary. However, this is not the best option, the watch is generally not recommended to give.

Perhaps the ban on such a gift originates in China. Superstitious Chinese are wary of the mechanisms by which what is impossible to see is measured.

Moreover, the Chinese character, symbolizing death, is very similar to the clock sign. Therefore, so that the gift recipient does not think that he wants to go to another world, the Chinese will never present the watch as a gift.

Yes, and other nations are wary of the clockwork, considering it magical or even witchcraft. Many particularly superstitious people are generally afraid to keep their clocks at home, they believe that if they stop, they will freeze their time.

Slavic signs are not so categorical, the gift of watches with death is not associated. But according to popular superstitions, if you donate a watch to your soulmate, then the pair will soon be parted.

It is said that as soon as the clock mechanism stops moving, separation is inevitable. And some believe that the couple will still not be together, even if the donated watches will work properly and never stop.

Yes, there probably are thousands of happy married couples who wear watches that are presented to each other. They stopped, repaired them, changed batteries, and life went on.

But if you are too superstitious, choose something else for your beloved one today.

Even if you want your gift to emphasize its respectability, leadership qualities and financial success, present a stylish purse, beautiful cufflinks or an expensive tie.

In the case when you need a watch, then go together to the store, select and simply buy, without any gift.

Multi-colored tourmaline stones clarify the mind of its owner, relieve from obsessive thoughts and unreasonable fears, normalize the work of the nervous system and sleep.

It is recommended that motley jasper be placed under a pillow at night, good sleep without nightmares, and good mood after waking up will be ensured.

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