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January 12, 2019 — Anisya’s Day

January 12, 2019 - Anisya's Day

12 Orthodox Christians worship the memory of the holy martyr Anisia the Theun. According to the folk calendar, this date is called the day of Anisya, a cut, Anisya-ventricle.

Who is holy Anisia?

Anisia came from a Christian family from the Greek city of Thessaloniki. When her parents died, she handed out the inheritance to the needy, spending her further life in fasting and prayer.

She was killed by a Roman warrior who offered the girl to go with him to a pagan holiday. Anisia refused him, for which the warrior had pierced her through and through with a sword.

Rites and traditions of this day

12 were called the Anisia-ventricle, because on that day in Russia it was customary to cut geese and pigs, and to determine by their insides what the next winter would be.

There are bans on the day of Anisya:

You can not accept gifts from people unfamiliar and strangers. According to popular belief, 12 suggest the most terrible damage.

It was considered especially bad luck to find a handkerchief at the front door, which meant that the witch had done the damage.

Do not eat salt today, it will save from health problems.

Spinning and stitching on this day is impossible, you can attract misfortune to the family.

Holy Martyr Anisii pray for deliverance from gastric diseases.

Today, find out if you live correctly or just build illusions?

12 is a good day to think about your life. Do you build it right, or perhaps look at the world in rose-colored glasses and live by illusions?

Find your business

When a person searches for himself, the most difficult thing is to understand what the soul is most of all about, than I would like to do all my life.

Some are determined from their youth, others until the end of their days and cannot understand what they still wanted, while others rush from one extreme to another in search of their destiny. It is such a search that will add life color, bring meaning to human existence.

It is necessary to remember any, even the smallest dream that ever arose, and give her a chance to come true:

1. learn to ride a bike;

2. learn a foreign language;

3. write a story;

4. take seriously cooking;

5. go on a long hike.

January 12, 2019 - Anisya's Day

Such small goals are always the beginning of something big. What summit to conquer the next, each person decides for himself.

But if you just lie on the couch and dream, desires will remain illusions. People who are able to set goals, but do not make any attempt to achieve them, are doomed to an unhappy life.

Do not compare yourself with others

Only unhappy people compare themselves with others, because it means that they are dissatisfied with their lives. When a person clearly knows what he likes, what he wants to do, before going to sleep, he will not study the biographies of those who have become successful.

He will ponder and plan his success.

So stop building illusions and dream of the same life as celebrities. They achieved everything by work, and here you try to find a business that will bring a decent life.

Now there are plenty of opportunities to turn even a trivial hobby into a source of income.

When a vital matter appears, you will not care how one or another celebrity, neighbor, friend, relative lives.

In your head there will be completely different thoughts — how to build today, what to do new.

Not cling to the past

Remember that the past must remain in the past. Never cling to it, live tomorrow and anticipate something unknown, new.

It happens that people under the pressure of the past break down, return to previous circles, and as a result they get suffering instead of happiness. Release the past, live freely, make important decisions calmly and always be sure that you are doing the right thing.

Folk omens 12

If on the day of Anisya the snow has gone, you should expect an overcast summer.

On the night of 12, look at the sky, if there are no stars on it, it means that the weather will change in the coming days.

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